All About Detroit Become Human & 11 Fun Facts Before You Play

In Detroit Become Human, every choice you make dramatically alters how the game’s intense, branching narrative plays out. Detroit was developer Quantic Dream‘s most successful launch and their best-selling video game, with over 6 million sales. It was praised heavily for its visuals, story, characters, voice acting, and the impact that the choices had on the narrative. So, it’s a game you really need to check out! And to help you get to know the game, we’ve got some super fun facts!

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Detroit Become Human

Detroit puts the destiny of both mankind and androids in your hands, taking you to a near future where machines have become more intelligent than humans. Play as three distinct androids in the city of Detroit – Connor, whose job is to hunt down sentient androids; Markus, who devotes himself to releasing other androids from servitude; and Kara, who escapes her owner to protect a young girl – and see a world at the brink of chaos.

Detroit: Become Human

About Detroit Become Human

Detroit is a sci fi adventure game from developers Quantic Dream and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment (Registered Trademark). It was released in May 2018 as a PS4 games and then later in December 2019 for Microsoft Windows. Upon release the game became Quantic Dream’s most successful launch and has since become their best selling game of all time, selling over 6 million copies. The game was met with mostly favourable reviews. A lot of the praise was directed at the setting, visuals, voice acting, story and main characters. Also the impact that choices the player makes during the game has on the narrative was widely praised. There has been some mild criticism of the motion controls, historical inaccuracies and some of the side characters. But overall the Detroit has been widely well received.


Detroit is played from a third person view with controllable perspective. There are many playable characters that can possibly die and upon the death of these characters then the game will continue without them so there is no “game over” scene as such. There are many different story arcs that can be changed with quick time events or dialogue decisions, therefore there are multiple possible endings. The playable characters are Connor, Kara and Markus.

Story Synopsis (Spoiler Free!)

Marcus is a Caretaker android, one day he arrives home with his owner and they suspect there has been a burglary. Marcus bypasses his programming to confront the burglar which makes him become a deviant android with full autonomy. This causes him to be shot by the police and he is sent to a facility for broken androids. Markus rallies these discarded androids to fight for their rights.

Connor is a police detective android who is sent along with Lieutenant Hank Anderson (who happens to hate androids) to investigate the suspected android uprising. This leads him to clash with Markus. But due to the available dialogue choices available the story can branch in several different directions to give alternate ending outcomes.

Our Review

The narrative focus of this game is solid. With the choices you make having consequences in the game leaves you feeling like the decision that you make really affects the end outcome of the game. The characters are also strong, as are the relationships between the characters, particularly the Hank/Connor dynamic. You play from three different perspectives (Kara, Connor and Markus) and are challenged with solving puzzles, taking part in conversations and exploring your surroundings to find the answers you need to progress. There’s also a few quick time events thrown in to keep you on your toes. The one slight criticism is that at the beginning the controls can be a little hard to get used as they are different to usual but it’s just a slight bump at the start.

The graphics and the voice acting are amazing, it would be impossible to find any criticism there! Given that the choices you make affect the outcomes in the game that means there is plenty of replay value here too. Especially if you want to play through again and make different choices to see how things play out.

So in conclusion, Detroit Become Human is a slightly flawed game but nevertheless it is still a game well worth playing, especially if you are a fan of narrative driven games. We highly recommend it!!

Fun Facts

  • Bryan Dechart – who provided the likeness, the voice acting and performance capture for Connor – came up with the serial number on his jacket, 313 248 317-51. The 313 stands for the Detroit area code, 248 for his home area code, 317 for his birthday, 5 for the number of people in his family, and 1 standing for the first Connor.
  • Each of the playable main characters (Kara, Connor and Markus) has their own theme music composed specifically for them.
  • The game is based on the 2012 Sony PlayStation 3 tech demo Kara (2012), also produced by Quantic Dream. 
  • One of the chapters titled Midnight Train is a reference to the 1981 Journey song Don’t Stop Believin’, which also takes place in Detroit.
  • Due to the amount of choices you can make, it’s possible to kill Connor several times. You even get a trophy/achievement for killing him eight times.

More Fun Facts!

  • According to the in-game surveys, Connor is the most popular favorite character, winning with 55% of votes. Kara is second with 27% and Markus is last with 18%.
  • Hank Anderson is voiced by Clancy Brown, who most notably voiced Mr. Krabs in SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • Most of the characters are designed to look like their voice actors. 
  • None of the three voice actors that played the main characters – Bryan Dechart, Valorie Curry, and Jesse Williams – got to meet during the production of the game due to scheduling conflicts.
  • Connor’s famous wink was improv and Bryan had to convince David Cage to keep it in.
  • While Bryan and his now-wife Amelia Rose Blaire were in Paris for the game shoot, scheduling issues meant that they didn’t have someone to play as the Traci. And because Amelia helped Bryan practice his lines so many times, he proposed that she come in to play Traci since she probably already had the script memorized. So, she ended up getting the part!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Detroit: Become Human so good?

Detroit is such a good game because every choice has an impact on the story. There are a lot of decision based games where decisions don’t often amount to much. However with Detroit, pretty much every choice has an impact and there are so many different endings to get!

Is Detroit: Become Human worth it?

If you love a story based game with a lot of different endings and impactful choices, then Detroit is definitely worth it!

Is there a Detroit: Become Human 2?

There is not a Detroit 2. However if you loved this then, Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls are similar games by the same developer. And there are plenty of Detroit Easter Eggs in them too!

Can a 15 year old play Detroit: Become Human?

Yes! Whilst there is violence, drinking, mention of suicide, and a strip club, it’s nothing that a 15 year old can’t handle.

Have you played Detroit already or will you play it now? Let us know!

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