Dead By Daylight Killers: Everything You Need To Know

Dead By Daylight is a 4v1 online mutliplayer survival horror game by Behaviour Interactive. The Dead By Daylight killers are both original and created for this game, as well as killers from various horror franchises. Only a couple of the killers actually come with the base game, but when it comes to the rest you either need to buy their chapter (which often comes with a killer, survivor and a map) or get the Killers Expansion pack. But don’t worry, we’ve got all the details – like where to get them and a summary of their lore – right here for you!

Survivors aim to repair the generators and escape from the exit gates. However, as a killer, it’s up to you to stop them and make the survivors suffer. Track survivors by looking at their scratch marks and injured survivors leave trials of blood. Slow down the survivors progress by damaging a generator. One basic attack injures a survivor. But if you’re not quick to attack again, the survivors heals from a teammate. A second attack sends them into a dying state. Hooking a survivor in the dying state will allow the killer to eliminate the survivors one by one. Although, this isn’t easy because killers have a slower movement speed and action speed compared to the survivors. And survivors have a third person POV, whilst the killer has first person, which gives them a greater field of view.

Killers and survivors have teachable perks and each character has unique perks, for example Territorial Imperative is unique to the Huntress. There are also status effects which impact the gameplay, for example killers can have the Undetectable status effect.

Dead By Daylight Killers: Originals

All of the original killers (excluding The Artist) that aren’t included in the base game are available in a Killer Expansion pack. Alternatively, you could purchase their individual chapters if there is a specific character you just love. You can either buy the chapters using real money or by using in-game currency (Iridescent Shards).

Check out the Killer Expansion pack below:

dead by daylight killers: the trapper
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The Trapper (Evan MacMillan)

  • Power: Bear Trap
  • Weapon: The Cleaver
  • Realm: The MacMillian Estate

Evan MacMillan always idolized his father, Archie MacMillian. As Archie’s mental health slowly disintegrated, no matter what his father asked, Evan would do it. And when Archie finally snapped, Evan would become an enforcer of what would be the worst mass murder in modern history. But they could never prove that it was Evan who lead over a hundred men into those tunnels before detonating the explosives and trapping them inside. No one knows what happened to Evan, but his father was found locked in the estate’s basement, starved, and abandoned.

Where to get: Base game

dead by daylight killers: the wraith
  • Save

The Wraith (Philip Ojomo)

  • Power: Wailing Bell
  • Weapon: Azarov’s Skull
  • Realm: Autohaven Wreckers

Philip Ojomo came to this country with nothing. He was happy when he got offered a job at Autohaven Wreckers, a small scrap yard where bribed cops turned a blind eye to their somewhat shady business. Ojomo didn’t care, he just fixed cars and operated the crusher. Until one day, he saw blood coming out from the trunk of an uncrushed car. Inside was a young man, who Ojomo freed. But his boss slit the man’s throat as he tried to escape. Ojomo learns that almost every car he had crushed had a soul in them and this was the ‘service’ the scrapyard provided. This made Ojomo go ballistic and throw his boss into the crusher, pulling the head and spine out of the body. Ojomo was never seen again.

Where to get: Base game

dead by daylight killers: the hillbilly
  • Save

The Hillbilly (Max Thompson Jr.)

  • Power: Chainsaw
  • Weapon: The Hammer
  • Realm: Coldwind Farm

An unnamed and unwanted child was born to wealthy landowners Max Thompson Sr. and Evelyn Thompson. Hideously disfigured, he was hidden away from society – bricked off into a room and fed through a hole in the wall. When the boy escaped, he slaughtered the parents that tortured him. Afterward, he lived on the farm, taking out his deranged violence on animals. They never found the bodies of Max and Evelyn, but they did find disemboweled animals all over the farm. The land was split up and sold off. But no one ever purchased the farmhouse. Perhaps it was because of the chainsaw you could hear throughout those summer nights.

Where to get: Base game

dead by daylight killers: the nurse
  • Save

The Nurse (Sally Smithson)

  • Power: Spencer’s Last Breath
  • Weapon: The Bonesaw
  • Realm: Crotus Prenn Asylum

Sally Smithson came to town with dreams of a happy life in a wooden home built by her lumberjack husband Andrew. Until his foreman pays her a visit and Sally is all alone. Desperate, she takes up work at the Crotus Prenn Asylum, doing the hard nightshift. Over the years, her mind reached its limit. Seeing horrid things, being physically and verbally abused. Until she couldn’t take it anymore. As the morning staff arrived one day in September, they found over fifty patients lifeless in their beds along with four staff members dead. Only Sally survived and her mind was gone. They got her into an ambulance, but it never reached the hospital. It was found crashed in a nearby wood, all the staff dead and Sally missing.

Where to get: Base game

dead by daylight killers: the hag
  • Save

The Hag (Lisa Sherwood)

  • Power: Blackened Catalyst
  • Weapon: The Claw
  • Realm: Backwater Swamp

Lisa Sherwood grew up in a quiet village isolated from the rest of civilization. Lisa was particularly fond of the charms taught to her by the elders for safety and good fortune. One night, as Lisa walked home through the woods, a terrible storm struck. In the slick, wet mud she lost her footing and struck her head on a rock. Slipping in and out of consciousness, the last thing she remembers is dark shadows approaching her. Her kidnappers kept her chained to the wall in a floored cellar. Starved, infected, and mutilated, Lisa somehow survived and managed to escape her chains. With her dying breath, she etched the symbols taught by the elders into the floor. The village search party found the old shack in the swamp. Lisa’s body was never found, but they discovered rotting corpses and the elders’ symbols scrawled in blood.

Where to get: Base game

dead by daylight killers: the doctor
  • Save

The Doctor (Herman Carter)

  • Power: Carter’s Spark
  • Weapon: The Stick
  • Realm: Léry’s Memorial Institute

Showing exceptional aptitude in psychology, Herman was handpicked for special training in an advanced neuroscience program located in a secret black site facility in Illinois known as Léry’s Memorial Institute, really a front for the CIA. Under the guidance of Dr Otto Stamper, Herman used strange and vicious methods to extract information from prisoners. His use of violent electroshock therapy revealed dramatic secrets and he became known as The Doctor, no one questioned whether he had a medical certificate or what happened to the prisoners after. Until Léry’s Memorial Institute went silent for a week and the personnel, patients, and prisoners were all found dead from types of head trauma. All the bodies were accounted for, except for Herman’s.

Where to get: Base game

dead by daylight killers: the huntress
  • Save

The Huntress (Anna)

  • Power: Hunting Hatchets
  • Weapon: Broad Axe
  • Realm: Red Forest

As soon as Anna could walk, her mother began teaching her how to survive in the harsh northern woods. When they were stalking a great elk in the woods, it suddenly charged at Anna. But her mother threw herself in its path, getting impaled on the elk’s antlers as she brought the axe down on its head again and again. The antlers snapped and the beast collapsed. As her mother lay dying, she hummed Anna’s favorite lullaby.

Alone, Anna continued to hunt and became one with the wild. Soon, she found her new favorite prey: humans. But she could never bring herself to kill the little girls. And eventually, wearing animal masks her mother made for her, Anna raided the nearest villages to slaughter families and steal their daughters. When war came, there were no travelers and the villages were abandoned. Soldiers were found with axe wounds, whole groups disappeared mysteriously. Once the war was over, rumours of the Huntress disappeared with it.

Where to get: Base game

dead by daylight killers: the clown
  • Save

The Clown (Kenneth Chase alias Jeffery Hawk)

  • Power: The Afterpiece Tonic
  • Weapon: Madame Butterfly
  • Realm: Crotus Prenn Asylum

When Kenneth Chase was born, his mother didn’t survive. As the boy grew, so did his father’s resentment for him. Kenneth began to collect feathers and soon began trapping birds using an anesthetic. He killed them, disposed of the body, and kept a single feather. Eventually, he escalated to larger prey like squirrels, raccoons, and dogs. Then a young man went missing and Kenneth’s father found the collection of feathers, animal paws, and a man’s finger. After seeing his father with the box, he never returned home.

Under the name Jeffery Hawk, he joined a traveling circus to work the ropes. He was welcomed into his new family. But soon fell into bad habits. Drinks, junk food, drugs. And then his old urges returned. He stole clothes and make-up from performers to get close to his victims. Eventually, he became sloppy and a victim managed to escape, calling for help. So, he had to leave his new life as Jeffery behind. Somewhere along the way, he left the ordinary roads of the U.S. and found himself in a new realm.

Where to get: Killer Expansion Pack

dead by daylight killers: the spirit
  • Save

The Spirit (Rin Yamaoka)

  • Power: Yamaoka’s Haunting
  • Weapon: Shattered Katana
  • Realm: Yamaoka Estate

Rin was the only child of the Yamaoka family. She studied Education at a private university, which weighed heavily on her family’s shaky finances. Her mother falls ill and bills start to pile up. So Rin gets a part-time job in a futile attempt to help. But her father is fired from his job and his debts are neverending.

One day Rin comes home from work to find bits and pieces of her mother on the floor. A sharp Katana comes crashing down, which bites into her forearm. Her father was wielding the weapon, continuing to attack her. As she tries to escape, he throws her against a partition, smashing glass on impact and she falls through. Rin would make him pay, in this life or in the next. A dark Fog veiled her eyes, but it could not subdue her rage. The darkness promised blood and revenge. And so an oath was made.

Where to get: Killer Expansion Pack

dead by daylight killers: the legion
  • Save

The Legion (Frank, Julie, Susie, Joey)

  • Power: Feral Frenzy
  • Weapon: Hunting Knife
  • Realm: Ormond

Frank Morrison was nineteen and had little to show for it. He’d stopped attending school. Yet he was a man of potential. At six years old, he was put in a cycle of foster homes. His last move had been three years prior when his last foster dad, Clive Andrews, picked him up from the adoption center. They lived in Ormond, but his father was too busy to spend much time with him.

He made friends with Julie, Susie, and Joey. Their weekend plans were often bullying, vandalism, and theft. One evening when they broke into the store that had recently fired Joey, they were attacked by the cleaner. A dark impulse took over Frank and he stabbed the cleaner. He ordered the other three to finish the job. That night they buried the body on Mount Ormond. Then, as they were digging the hole, Frank wandered off into the darkness. Once the hole was dug, the others followed him. They never returned home that night.

Where to get: Killer Expansion Pack

dead by daylight killers: the plague
  • Save

The Plague (Adiris)

  • Power: Vile Purge
  • Weapon: Profane Censer
  • Realm: Red Forest

Adiris was five years old when she was left on the brick-red burning steps of the Temple of Purgation at the centre of Babylon. She held onto the belief that the Gods had plans for her and lived a life of quiet servitude. When she came of age, she attended the high-ranking priests during the yearly worshipping of the sea-goat, the God of Water and Creation. Swinging a censer down the great hypo-style hall, she cast thick black fumes around the room.

The priests were more and more in need of assistance. Cleansings were being performed daily to answer the demand from outside the high temple walls, where a catastrophic plague had resurfaced. Soon the priests were infected too. Adiris was the only one able to carry on with the purification ritual. Then she became known as the High Priestess of Babylon.

Until she showed the first signs of infection. Hoping to be saved, she kept performing the rituals, offering blessed water and food to her followers. But no ritual could save her. So she banished herself from the city and traveled through cold woodlands until they could walk no more. They camped in a cave, all infected with the plague. But their bodies were never found.

Where to get: Killer Expansion Pack

dead by daylight killers: the oni
  • Save

The Oni (Kazan Yamaoka)

  • Power: Yamaoka’s Wrath
  • Weapon: Yamaoka Blade
  • Realm: Yamaoka Estate

Honoring his family name was never enough for Kazan Yamaoka. He wanted to surpass his father’s reputation and end what he saw as the thinning of samurai culture. Ignoring his father’s advice and borrowing his Katana, he embarked on a dark pilgrimage to prove his worth and rid Japan of impostors. The killings were brutal, cruel, and morbid. He became known as Oni-Yamaoka, an insult to both Kazan and his family. So, he decided to butcher anyone who dared to call him that name.

As Kazan made for the lord’s town, he suddenly found himself face to face with a samurai standing on a dirt road, blocking his way. Without a word, the samurai attacked and quickly secured the upper hand. But he hesitated. With a devastating blow, Kazan crushed the samurai’s head and cracked his helmet. As Kazan approached the fallen samurai, he saw his father’s face.

With renewed anger, Kazan journeyed to a town high up in the snowy mountains where the lord resided. Once he reached the lord, he thrust his fist into the lord’s mouth and yanked out the wicked tongue that had desecrated his name. But the farmers swarmed him with scythes, pitchforks, and heavy clubs. Kazan was overwhelmed and left to die a slow, agonizing death. But his body and Kanabo were nowhere to be found. It was the beginning of a dark legend about a rageful Oni haunting the town.

Where to get: Killer Expansion Pack

  • Save

The Deathslinger (Caleb Quinn)

  • Power: The Redeemer
  • Weapon: Death to Bayshore
  • Realm: Grave of Glenvale

Born in the dust-ridden badlands of the American Midwest, Caleb Quinn was the son of struggling Irish immigrants. Caleb’s father was once an engineer, but there was nowhere for him to work. He noticed Caleb’s interest in the trade and gifted him his old wrench. Caleb designed quaint devices under his father’s guidance, but once his back was turned, Caleb’s creations became violent. He hid plans for a mask that would gouge barbed needles into a human’s eyes and rip them from their sockets, with sketches of it fitted on boys who bullied him.

With age, Caleb’s engineering abilities became marketable and employers put their discrimination aside. Henry Bayshore, the owner of United West Rail, hired him. Caleb first invented a gun that shot railroad spikes into the ground, then a steam-powered tunneling drill. But as Bayshore feigned indifference, the devices began turning up at other companies, the patents stolen from Caleb and sold. Rage overwhelming him, he burst into Bayshore’s office and smashed his face into a bloody stew. As he was pulled away, he pushed his specialized gun to his boss’ gut and squeezed the trigger.

The only thing that saved Caleb from hanging was Bayshore’s unlikely survival. For fifteen years, Caleb was confined to Hellshire Penitentiary, the nation’s first private prison. He befriended a prison warden and formed The Hellshire Gang. After his release, Henry Bayshore bought the prison and Caleb had been betrayed by the warden. Full of rage, Caleb and his posse swarmed the warden and Bayshore, dragging them out to the prisoners to finish the job. Caleb returned to his old cell and followed a dusty path, leaving a trail of blood behind him.

Where to get: Killer Expansion Pack

  • Save

The Blight (Talbot Grimes)

  • Power: Blighted Corruption
  • Weapon: Bonebuster

What started out as a child’s curiosity nearly turned deadly after experimenting with a patch of poisonous foxglove. When he recovered, it wasn’t fear that gripped him, it was fascination. His ambition pushed to attend the London School of Medicine and secure a position at the British East India Company. In time, he completed one of his greatest achievements: a chemical that could increase a worker’s productivity while reducing their need for rest. He was rewarded with a secret laboratory beneath a prison camp.

There, prisoners became his unwilling subjects, leading to a drug that allowed soldiers to withstand incredible amounts of pain. Although there were rumors that one of the side effects was insanity, causing soldiers to massacre villages. But Talbot refused to blame himself. After being kidnapped, he discovers that his productivity drug had killed an entire factory’s worth of workers. He was thrown into the mass grave and left for dead. But he nursed back to health in a mysterious ancient school posing as a monastery. And his knowledge was indispensable. However, as he was reaching his breakthrough, the monks changed. The last thing he would see of the school was the cracked ceiling above his bed.

He woke in an opium den. Before he noticed the robed figure appear behind him, a needle plunged into his arm and the world disappeared once more. Desperate, he carved his research from memory into the walls. He wrote until his fingers bled, listening to a whispering voice. When there was nowhere left to write, he gripped the stone and carved the message into his chest. A field of flowers appeared before him and the voice beckoned him. On the walls, there was but one single line, written over and over without end: Death is only the beginning.

Where to get: Killer Expansion Pack

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The Twins (Victor & Charlotte Deshayes)

  • Power: Blood Bond
  • Weapon: Blade of Marseille

A pair of conjoined twins, Charlotte and Victor Deshayes formed an emotional bond like none other. Despite their miraculous birth, it brought a life of persecution. The midwife screeched when she saw them, yelling about a demon birthed by a witch. So began the hunting of Charlotte, Victor, and their mother Madeleine. They lived by running and hiding through France’s countryside. Until their mother fell ill and their encampment was found by witch hunters. The children were forced to watch as their mother was tied to a tree and set aflame.

The twins were caged and transported to an old wooden temple, sold to a secretive group clad in dark cloaks. Within the temple, they were subjected to cruel and baffling experiments. In time, a final experiment was planned. But as it was taking place, Victor knocked a candelabra to the ground, setting the place on fire. Charlotte dashed through the inferno until she found a way out. But Victor did not survive and his body hung helplessly from her torso. Living close to a city, life became a game of survival. Her hatred for humanity grew each day. No matter how many died during her botched robberies and desperate attempts to escape, there would always be more to pursue. Until one frigid winter, Charlotte accepted her fate. But Victor flailed from her chest and ran off into the snow. She gave chase and followed him into the fog.

Where to get: Killer Expansion Pack

  • Save

The Trickster (Hak Ji-Woon)

  • Power: Showstopper
  • Weapon: Polished Head-Smasher

Hak Ji-Woon hit the track to stardom. Yun-Jin Lee, a producer at Mightee One Entertainment, recruited Ji-Woon into her training program. Eventually, he was selected to join the band NO SPIN, and fame was immediate. Each day was an affirmation that he was greater than the mediocrity society spewed out. But he realized that his fans’ attention was split five ways, thinned out between each member.

After a lengthy lunch break, he returned to the studio to discover fate had granted him a gift. The scent of burning wires was unmistakable. He rushed to the control room, finding the door blocked by fallen speakers. On the other side, his bandmates pounded on the door, their cries accompanied by the crackling of flames. They were screaming his name as they burnt. Screaming for him to save them. But he didn’t. And Ji-Woon became celebrated as a tragic figure. He was reborn as The Trickster, a solo artist who produced his own songs.

His victims had to be abducted, driven to an abandoned building where he could let their voices carry unrestrained emotion. Ji-Woon recorded each session, synthesizing and working them into his songs, hiding them behind layers of melodies. And he was proud of his work. He left hints for the police – a mink boa from a recent photoshoot wrapped around one victim’s slashed throat. Until it was decided that he could no longer self-produce his songs.

He had three months until he was to perform a private show for Mightee One’s board members; three months to plan his magnum opus. He got canisters of nitrous oxide, and upon his arrival to perform, half-conscious bodies were splayed in their seats and crawling across the floor. Working quickly, binding everyone, except Yun-Jin. He propped her up as the lone audience member, prying her eyes open to watch as he tortured the rest of them. As he silenced the last one, the fog swept in. Promising Ji-Woon an encore on a grand stage.

Where to get: Killer Expansion Pack or All-Kill Chapter

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The Artist (Carmina Mora)

  • Power: Birds of Torment
  • Weapon: Sharp Palette Blade
  • Realm: Foresaken Boneyard

Growing up in a rugged coastal village in southern Chile, Carmina’s father blamed her for her mother’s departure. She became the primary caretaker of Matias, her little brother, despite still being a child herself. A year later, Carmina was painting with Matias outside when the telephone rang. Her father remained in the yard, drinking his beer. When she returned after only a few seconds, Matias was nowhere to be seen. She found his bright red coat floating on the narrow creek by the house. Carmina jumped in and found his body. Her father did not say a word, because he did not have to. Carmina knew it was all her fault.

On the bleak morning of Matias’ birthday, Carmina walked to a narrow bridge several blocks away from home. Locals had nicknamed the spot DeathLeap. Several cars drove by Carmina, but none stopped. No one seemed to care. She climbed over the railing and her legs wobbled as she stood on the lip of the bridge. Suddenly, a cacophony of caws filled the sky. Carmina opened her eyes and saw a black cloud of feathers flying towards her. Soon, a flock of crows was covering the railing of the bridge, staying close to her. The crows seemed to care about her wellbeing, so she returned home and began to paint her experience.

Eventually, her performances grew bold and drew the attention of artists who found her style invigorating. She grew close to a group of painters who understood her. Until one piece sparked a radical debate about corruption. The controversy painted a target on Carmina’s back. She took refuge in her father’s house with some friends. That night, masked gunmen broke in and kidnapped them. She awoke seated in the middle of a desert. A robbed man cut off her hands and pulled out her tongue. Then a torrent of crows erupted from the clouds, diving on the hooded man. But the ravenous crows were uncontrollable and attacked her friends. Death was coming and again, it was her fault. A black fog engulfed her.

Where to get: Portrait of A Murder Chapter

Dead By Daylight Killers

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The Shape (Michael Myers) From Halloween

  • Power: Evil Within
  • Weapon: Kitchen Knife
  • Realm: Haddonfield

Some humans are simply bad seeds. Seeds infused with a distilled and pure form of evil. Michael Myers is one of those seeds. He had no problem causing pain to others. But even life can be tough on those with minds filled with terror. The difference is just how one goes about solving those problems. For Michael, he had to kill to find some inner peace. As he took his sister’s life, the police found a silent boy dressed as a clown at the scene. Sending Michael to a mental institution was a feeble attempt to save the child. Unsuccessful therapy and nightly screams just made him even more introverted and deranged. People hoped that Michael Myers would soon be forgotten and buried. But then he escaped.

Where to get: The Halloween Chapter

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The Cannibal (Bubba Sawyer) From Texas Chainsaw Massacre

  • Power: Bubba’s Chainsaw
  • Weapon: The Sledge

Leatherface kills not from a desire to exert his will over others, to satisfy carnal urges, or even to quiet the voices in his head. He kills because he is scared. Scared that others will hurt him; scared that his family will be displeased with him, scared that their shared willingness to eat human flesh will be discovered. Outsiders are a threat that needs to be dealt with. Like those kids that walked into their house uninvited. But Leatherface deals with them.

Except for the one that got away. She had help from a man in a truck, who ran over his brother. Leatherface lept at him, but the trucker was too quick. As he watched the outsiders driving away, Leatherface decided to let the outsiders come again. Let them come and he would use his skills to overcome the threat. There would be screaming, but he could make the world quiet again. Until the only sound remaining was the blessed howl of the saw.

Where to get: Leatherface Chapter

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The Nightmare (Freddy Krueger) From A Nightmare on Elm Street

  • Power: Dream Demon – send survivors to a dream world
  • Weapon: Clawed Glove
  • Realm: Springwood

Whilst he hid behind a mask of friendliness and warmth, Freddy Krueger’s true temperament was known only to his victims. When those victims were finally heard, the parents of Springwood tracked Freddy down and took the law into their own hands. They thought that the fire had rid them of their nightmare, but evil has a strong way of surviving. Years passed and the horror was buried. Until Freddy returned, focusing his anger on those he thought had wronged him. Building up to an obsession with Nancy Holbrook, who, with help from her friend Quentin Smith, weakened Freddy.

Death didn’t want Freddy the first time he encountered it, why did they think it would take him now? And his obsession moved to Quentin. Freddy invaded his dreams. When the time was right, he forced the boy to return to the dark reflection of Badham Preschool. Here he would have his final revenge. But Quentin fought back. And suddenly the school seemed to change. It looked the same, but it felt different. The boy had gone for now, but another prey walked the hallways. All would fall before his claws.

Where to get: A Nightmare on Elm Street Chapter

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The Pig (Amanda Young) From Saw

  • Power: Jigsaw’s Baptism
  • Weapon: Hidden Blade, Reverse Bear Traps
  • Realm: Gideon Meat Plant

Jigsaw had planned for his son to be born during the Chinese Zodiac’s Year of the Pig, he wanted it to represent a new beginning for him and his wife. But the plan was shattered when a junkie broke into his wife’s clinic. Jigsaw caught up with the junkie and made him his first test subject. The Pig became a vessel, an agent of Jigsaw, conveying the subjects to their test. For some of those who emerged victoriously, The Pig would be a rebirth into their new lives as apprentices of Jigsaw.

That was the fate of Amanda Young. She bested the test and devoted herself to Jigsaw’s cause, ready to take over when cancer consumed him. But she became more dependant on him. Seeing this, she was presented with another game. She failed the test and took the bullet. Bleeding out on the floor, her vision was engulfed by darkness. Then she was in a forest, once more viewing the world through the eyes of a Pig. Jigsaw may have gone but he had passed her onto another. A being for whom she would be The Pig again.

Where to get: The Saw Chapter

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The Ghost Face (Danny Johnson alias Jed Olsen)

  • Power: Night Shroud
  • Weapon: Tactical Knife

Jed Olsen had been working at the Roseville Gazette for five months when the murders began. From the reports, the victims seemed to be chosen at random, yet the killer knew his way around their homes. The multiple stab wounds indicated a personal motive. And no DNA was found. The whole newspaper staff worked on the story. Olsen was often sent to interview family of the victims and relay the information to the police.

Panic swelled when Olsen produced footage of a hooded figure breaking in to a house one night, wearing a mask. “The Ghost Face Caught on Tape” was the resulting article, written by Olsen. He was proud of his work and how the whole town feared his ghost stories. Weeks later, Olsen left a note on his work desk and disappeared: “I hope you liked my stories–I enjoyed bringing them to life. Don’t worry, I’m not done.” Danny Johnson smiled when he remembered all the articles he had written as Olsen. And he smiled in anticipation as he went into the Fog.

Where to get: Ghost Face Chapter

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The Demogorgon From Stranger Things

  • Power: Of The Abyss
  • Weapon: Barbarous Claw
  • Realm: Hawkins National Labortory

A blooming mouth of needle-like teeth for a face, large and razor-sharp claws, and powerful legs make the Demogorgon a frightening monster to face in any dimension. It is a nightmare of unrestrained, feral rage as it hunts down its prey. The creature is untouched by any sense of compassion or restraint. It shows no mercy, just the pure instinct of insatiable blood lust. A perfect hunter, The Demogorgon is a macabre testament to the horrors lurking in the Upside Down and why it was choice pickings for The Entity.

Where to get: Stranger Things Chapter

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The Executioner (Pyramid Head) From Silent Hill

  • Power: Rites of Judgement
  • Weapon: Great Knife
  • Realm: Silent Hill

A sadistic and merciless executioner, Pyramid Head is fixated on dispensing punishment through pain. Encumbered by the steel frame upon his head and a hulking great blade in tow, he stalked the hellish corridors of Silent Hill. Where he trod, even monsters fled for shadows. When his duty was complete and his presence no longer needed, he prepared for the long rest. Until the fog called for him and Pyramid Head accepted his obligation once more.

Where to get: Silent Hill Chapter

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The Nemesis From Resident Evil

  • Power: T-Virus
  • Weapon: Raw Fists
  • Realm: Raccoon City

Designed by Umbrella Corporation, The Nemesis is a nearly unstoppable bio-organic weapon fixated on pursuing and eliminating its targets. Part of the Tyrant T-103 series, this specimen has increased intelligence and awareness. Its first mission unleashed it upon Raccoon City, where it needed to exterminate S.T.A.R.S. members. The Nemesis faced off against Jill Valentine and when he nearly had his target, a strange fog descended upon them. All that matters now was soldiering on into The Fog, continuing the mission: find S.T.A.R.S., exterminate S.T.A.R.S., and kill anyone who gets in the way.

Where to get: Resident Evil Chapter

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The Cenobite (Elliot Spencer alias Pinhead) From Hellraiser

  • Power: Summons of Pain
  • Weapon: Hook & Chain

A demon to some, an angel to others – Pinhead is an explorer in the further regions of experience, indulging in the limitless thrill of pleasure and pain. When the puzzle box, known as the Lament Configuration, a key to another dimension, was found in The Entity’s Realm, it was only a matter of time before it fell into curious hands. Once opened, he arrived. What came next was the sweet suffering that spilled over the Realm.

Where to get: Hellraiser Chapter

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