Beyond Blackwood Mountain: 16 Games Like Until Dawn

The gaming landscape has seen a dramatic shift over the years, with narrative-driven, choice-based titles capturing the hearts of many. One standout in this genre is Until Dawn, a spine-chilling adventure where every choice can mean life or death. But what if you’ve already braved its horrors and are hungry for more? Journey with us as we delve into a curated list of games that echo the suspense, intricate storylines, and heart-pounding decisions that fans of Until Dawn have come to love. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or just dipping your toes into the world of interactive storytelling, these games like Until Dawn promise to both terrify and captivate in equal measure.

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About Until Dawn

Until Dawn is an interactive drama horror video game developed by Supermassive Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for PlayStation 4.

The story is set on Blackwood Mountain, where a group of eight teenagers decides to vacation in a cabin for the night. Exactly one year prior to this, two sisters from their group went missing under mysterious and terrifying circumstances on the same mountain. As the night progresses, the group finds itself trapped and isolated from the outside world, facing potential death at every turn.

Throughout the game, players switch between the perspectives of the eight characters, making crucial decisions that determine their fates. The narrative is heavily influenced by the “Butterfly Effect”—even small choices can lead to significant changes in the storyline, with multiple possible endings based on player decisions.

The game combines elements of traditional horror with branching story paths, and players are frequently required to make split-second decisions that can have lasting impacts on the outcome of the story.

Games Like Until Dawn

Games Like Until Dawn: the quarry
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The Quarry

  • Plot: As the sun sets on the final night of summer camp, nine teen counselors face a harrowing night of horror, hunted by malevolent locals and creatures.
  • Similarities:
    1. Horror elements.
    2. Player decisions determine survival.
    3. Tense and gripping atmosphere.

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Heavy Rain

  • Plot: Four protagonists are connected by the mysterious Origami Killer, a serial killer who uses prolonged rainfall to drown victims. The narrative is a tense race against time to uncover the killer’s identity and save a kidnapped child.
  • Similarities:
    1. Emphasis on choice-driven narrative.
    2. Mature and gripping storytelling.
    3. Intense and suspenseful atmosphere.

Games Like Until Dawn
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Detroit: Become Human

  • Plot: In a future Detroit, androids serve humans, but some develop free will. The story follows three androids on their quest for identity and freedom.
  • Similarities:
    1. Deeply branching narratives.
    2. High stakes with life-or-death decisions.
    3. Detailed and rich world-building.

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Man of Medan

  • Plot: A group of friends embark on a dive trip and stumble upon a ghostly World War II ship. Their decisions decide their fates amidst supernatural events.
  • Similarities:
    1. Horror atmosphere with cinematic presentation.
    2. Multiple endings based on player choices.
    3. Ensemble cast with character-switching gameplay.

Games Like Until Dawn
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Little Hope

  • Plot: A group is stranded in a seemingly deserted town with a dark history of witch trials. As they try to escape, they confront visions from the past.
  • Similarities:
    1. Horror-based narrative.
    2. Choices directly influence character outcomes.
    3. Flashbacks and historical events impacting the present.

Games Like Until Dawn
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House of Ashes

  • Plot: Set during the Iraq war, a military unit discovers an underground temple releasing an ancient evil.
  • Similarities:
    1. Horror elements intertwined with human conflicts.
    2. Player decisions determine survival.
    3. Tense and gripping atmosphere.

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Life is Strange

  • Plot: Max Caulfield, a photography student, discovers she can rewind time and must navigate school life, friendships, and an impending storm threatening her town.
  • Similarities:
    1. Time-sensitive choices affecting story outcomes.
    2. Teen drama mixed with supernatural elements.
    3. Emotional and impactful storytelling.

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Life is Strange 2

  • Plot: Two brothers, Sean and Daniel, are on the run after a tragic incident, journeying to their father’s hometown in Mexico.
  • Similarities:
    1. Road-trip adventure with branching choices.
    2. Emphasis on relationships and moral dilemmas.
    3. Supernatural abilities influencing the story.

Games Like Until Dawn
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Before the Storm (Life is Strange)

  • Plot: A prequel following Chloe Price and her relationship with schoolmate Rachel Amber.
  • Similarities:
    1. Choice-driven narrative with lasting consequences.
    2. Deeply emotional character arcs.
    3. Exploration of themes like grief, friendship, and rebellion.

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The Walking Dead (Telltale Series)

  • Plot: Lee Everett, a convicted criminal, finds himself the guardian of a young girl, Clementine, in a world overrun by zombies.
  • Similarities:
    1. Emphasis on character relationships and tough decisions.
    2. Tense, survival-focused scenarios.
    3. Multiple branching paths based on player choices.

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  • Plot: Henry takes a job as a fire lookout in Wyoming after personal turmoil, forming a relationship with his supervisor, Delilah, via radio, as a mystery unfolds.
  • Similarities:
    1. Strong narrative focus in an isolated setting.
    2. Player choices influence the direction of relationships.
    3. Mysterious events driving the story forward.

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  • Plot: Alex and friends visit an island for a party, accidentally opening a supernatural rift.
  • Similarities:
    1. Supernatural elements and mysteries.
    2. Dialogue choices affecting the narrative.
    3. Group dynamics and interpersonal conflicts.

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Night in the Woods

  • Plot: Mae drops out of college and returns to her hometown, only to find it changed and facing an eerie mystery.
  • Similarities:
    1. Exploration-driven narrative in a seemingly quiet town.
    2. Dark undertones beneath a vibrant aesthetic.
    3. Themes of growing up and facing change.

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What Remains of Edith Finch

  • Plot: Edith returns to her family home, exploring the rooms and uncovering the stories of her relatives and the curse they believed they lived under.
  • Similarities:
    1. Episodic stories within a larger narrative.
    2. Dark and emotional themes.
    3. Exploration-based gameplay driving the story forward.

Games Like Until Dawn
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The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

  • Plot: Detective Paul Prospero searches for a missing boy, Ethan Carter, uncovering a series of supernatural events in Red Creek Valley.
  • Similarities:
    1. First-person exploration with a mystery to solve.
    2. Atmospheric and visually striking environments.
    3. Supernatural events intertwined with human stories.

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Beyond: Two Souls

  • Plot: Jodie Holmes shares a supernatural link with an entity named Aiden, navigating life from childhood to adulthood, evading government forces that seek to exploit her powers.
  • Similarities:
    1. Cinematic, choice-driven narrative.
    2. Supernatural themes.
    3. Multiple potential endings based on choices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Quarry better than Until Dawn?

“The Quarry” and “Until Dawn” both offer immersive horror experiences, but whether one is better than the other is subjective and depends on individual player preferences.

Both games have their unique storylines, gameplay mechanics, and atmospheres, so it’s recommended to try both and decide based on personal taste.

Is the inpatient VR only?

Yes, “The Inpatient” is designed exclusively for PlayStation VR.

“The Inpatient” is a prequel to “Until Dawn” and uses virtual reality to offer an immersive horror experience.

Are there any games like Until Dawn?

Yes, there are several games similar to “Until Dawn” in terms of narrative-driven gameplay and branching storylines. Examples include “Heavy Rain”, “Detroit: Become Human”, and “The Dark Pictures Anthology” series.

These games place emphasis on player choices, which can drastically affect the storyline and outcomes, much like “Until Dawn.”

Is The Dark Pictures Anthology similar to Until Dawn?

Yes, “The Dark Pictures Anthology” is similar to “Until Dawn” in gameplay and narrative style. Both are developed by Supermassive Games and focus on branching narratives and player choice.

Each installment in “The Dark Pictures Anthology” presents a standalone horror story, giving players the chance to influence the outcome through their decisions.

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