20 Immersive Games Like Detroit Become Human

In a world where the boundaries between film and video games blur, there emerges a new genre of interactive storytelling that captivates audiences not just with its graphics, but with its deeply branching narratives. Detroit Become Human stands as a hallmark of this genre, taking players on a riveting journey through a dystopian future, where every choice can lead to a drastically different outcome. Such games are redefining the gaming experience, offering a depth of character development and plot intricacy that rivals the best of cinema. In this article, we delve into this immersive world of decision-driven narratives, exploring how games like Detroit Become Human are reshaping the gaming landscape and reimagining the way we engage with stories.

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About Detroit Become Human

Detroit is a sci fi adventure game from developers Quantic Dream and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment (Registered Trademark). It was released in May 2018 as a PS4 games and then later in December 2019 for Microsoft Windows. Upon release the game became Quantic Dream’s most successful launch and has since become their best selling game of all time, selling over 6 million copies. The game was met with mostly favourable reviews. A lot of the praise was directed at the setting, visuals, voice acting, story and main characters. Also the impact that choices the player makes during the game has on the narrative was widely praised. There has been some mild criticism of the motion controls, historical inaccuracies and some of the side characters. But overall the Detroit has been widely well received.


Detroit is played from a third person view with controllable perspective. There are many playable characters that can possibly die and upon the death of these characters then the game will continue without them so there is no “game over” scene as such. There are many different story arcs that can be changed with quick time events or dialogue decisions, therefore there are multiple possible endings. The playable characters are Connor, Kara and Markus.

Story Synopsis

Marcus is a Caretaker android, one day he arrives home with his owner and they suspect there has been a burglary. Marcus bypasses his programming to confront the burglar which makes him become a deviant android with full autonomy. This causes him to be shot by the police and he is sent to a facility for broken androids. Markus rallies these discarded androids to fight for their rights.

Connor is a police detective android who is sent along with Lieutenant Hank Anderson (who happens to hate androids) to investigate the suspected android uprising. This leads him to clash with Markus. But due to the available dialogue choices available the story can branch in several different directions to give alternate ending outcomes.

Games Like Detroit Become Human

games like Detroit Become Human
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Heavy Rain

  • Plot: Four protagonists are connected by the Origami Killer, a serial kidnapper who drowns his victims. Players must navigate intertwining narratives to solve the mystery and save a kidnapped child.
  • Similarities:
    1. Created by the same developer (Quantic Dream).
    2. Emphasizes choice-based narrative consequences.
    3. Features multiple playable characters.

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Beyond: Two Souls

  • Plot: Jodie Holmes, connected since birth to a supernatural entity named Aiden, navigates life from childhood to adulthood, confronting challenges both earthly and otherworldly.
  • Similarities:
    1. Also by Quantic Dream.
    2. Emotionally-driven storyline.
    3. Extensive character development through player decisions.

games like Detroit Become Human
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Life is Strange

  • Plot: Max Caulfield discovers she can rewind time and uses this ability to prevent tragedies, only to find that altering the past has unforeseen consequences.
  • Similarities:
    1. Choice-based narrative gameplay.
    2. Deep character relationships.
    3. Addresses contemporary and societal issues.

games like Detroit Become Human
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Life is Strange 2

  • Plot: Two brothers, Sean and Daniel Diaz, flee their home after a tragic incident, making their way to Mexico while dealing with societal challenges and Daniel’s mysterious telekinetic powers.
  • Similarities:
    1. Emphasizes choices and their impacts.
    2. Brotherly bond reminiscent of familial ties in Detroit.
    3. Deals with societal themes and prejudices.

games like Detroit Become Human
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Until Dawn

  • Plot: A group of friends returns to a mountain cabin a year after two of them disappeared. They soon face terrifying events influenced by their choices.
  • Similarities:
    1. Heavy on branching narratives based on player decisions.
    2. Multiple playable characters.
    3. Life and death consequences.

games like Detroit Become Human
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The Walking Dead (Telltale Series)

  • Plot: In a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies, Lee Everett protects a young girl named Clementine. Together, they navigate the challenges of a world gone mad.
  • Similarities:
    1. Deep narrative with emotionally charged decisions.
    2. Player choices significantly alter the story.
    3. Strong character development.

games like Detroit Become Human
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The Wolf Among Us

  • Plot: Bigby Wolf, the sheriff of Fabletown, investigates a murder in a community of fairy tale characters residing in modern-day New York.
  • Similarities:
    1. Decision-driven narrative.
    2. Dark and mature themes.
    3. Rich lore and background.

games like Detroit Become Human
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  • Plot: Fire lookout Henry interacts with his supervisor Delilah via radio, uncovering a mystery in the Wyoming wilderness.
  • Similarities:
    1. Heavy focus on narrative and character development.
    2. Player choices influence dialogue and relationships.
    3. Emotional and introspective themes.

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  • Plot: A group of friends accidentally opens a ghostly rift while on an island trip. They must navigate supernatural events to survive.
  • Similarities:
    1. Dialogue-driven gameplay with player choices.
    2. Supernatural elements intertwined with personal stories.
    3. Time-manipulation aspects.

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Night in the Woods

  • Plot: Mae, a college dropout, returns to her hometown and confronts personal and supernatural challenges with her friends.
  • Similarities:
    1. Deep narrative exploring personal struggles.
    2. Player choices influence story progression.
    3. Emphasis on character relationships.

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What Remains of Edith Finch

  • Plot: Edith Finch returns to her family home, exploring her family’s history and the curse that has caused each of them to die in unusual ways.
  • Similarities:
    1. Story-driven exploration gameplay.
    2. Intertwined narratives.
    3. Emotional storytelling with dark undertones.

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Tales from the Borderlands

  • Plot: Set in the “Borderlands” universe, this comedic tale follows Rhys and Fiona as they hunt for a vault, facing betrayal, corporate warfare, and wild creatures.
  • Similarities:
    1. Choice-based gameplay.
    2. Multiple intertwined character narratives.
    3. Blend of action and decision-making.

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The Council

  • Plot: Set in 1793, Louis de Richet searches for his missing mother on a private island, dealing with influential guests and occult occurrences.
  • Similarities:
    1. Narrative-driven decisions.
    2. Historical setting with a blend of supernatural elements.
    3. Character interactions impact the storyline.

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Indigo Prophecy (Fahrenheit)

  • Plot: Players control multiple characters investigating mysterious murders in New York, which are linked to ancient supernatural forces.
  • Similarities:
    1. By Quantic Dream, creators of Detroit.
    2. Branching narrative based on decisions.
    3. Supernatural storyline intertwined with personal drama.

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Her Story

  • Plot: Players sift through archival footage of police interviews to determine the truth about a woman’s involvement in a murder.
  • Similarities:
    1. Heavy emphasis on narrative discovery.
    2. Player-driven pace and direction.
    3. Mysterious and thought-provoking.

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Black Mirror: Bandersnatch (Interactive film on Netflix)

  • Plot: This interactive film allows viewers to decide the path of a young programmer adapting a fantasy novel into a video game in the 1980s.
  • Similarities:
    1. Interactive storytelling.
    2. Multiple endings based on viewer decisions.
    3. Dark and twisted narrative.

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The Complex

  • Plot: After a bio-weapon attack in London, Dr. Amy Tenant must navigate the aftermath, making choices that determine who survives.
  • Similarities:
    1. Branching narrative with life-and-death decisions.
    2. Heavy emphasis on character interaction.
    3. Player choices lead to multiple endings.

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Twin Mirror

  • Plot: Investigative journalist Sam returns to his hometown to attend a funeral and becomes embroiled in a mystery that forces him to confront his past.
  • Similarities:
    1. Player decisions shape the narrative.
    2. Psychological themes interwoven with a mystery plot.
    3. Emphasis on personal reflection and relationships.

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Before the Storm (Life is Strange prequel)

  • Plot: This prequel delves into Chloe Price’s life, her relationship with Rachel Amber, and the events leading up to “Life is Strange.”
  • Similarities:
    1. Narrative-driven choices.
    2. Deep character development and relationships.
    3. Teenage struggles set against larger events.

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Man of Medan (Dark Pictures Anthology)

  • Plot: A group of friends on a diving trip stumbles upon a haunted shipwreck. They must navigate treacherous events to survive.
  • Similarities:
    1. Life and death decisions based on player choices.
    2. Multi-character perspective.
    3. Supernatural themes interwoven with personal stories.

Frequently Asked Questions

What game is similar to Detroit: Become Human?

“Heavy Rain” and “Beyond: Two Souls” are games similar to “Detroit: Become Human,” all developed by Quantic Dream, emphasizing interactive storytelling and player choices.

These games offer rich narratives where players’ decisions have significant consequences on the storyline’s progression.

Will there be part 2 of Detroit: Become Human?

A sequel or part 2 of Detroit Become Human seems highly unlikely. There’s no official announcement when Detroit: Become Human 2 will be released.

Is Detroit: Become Human like life is strange?

Yes, both “Detroit: Become Human” and “Life is Strange” are narrative-driven games where players’ choices influence the story’s outcome.

While they share gameplay mechanics based on decision-making, their themes and settings differ considerably, with “Life is Strange” focusing on teenage life and supernatural elements.

Is Detroit: Become Human one of the best games ever?

“Detroit: Become Human” is highly acclaimed for its storytelling and intricate decision-making mechanics, making it one of the standout titles in its genre. Whether it’s one of the “best games ever” is subjective and varies among players.

It has received numerous awards and positive reviews, which speaks to its quality and impact in the gaming community.

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