SOMA Game: A Spoiler-Free Review

Set below the waves of the Atlantic ocean in a remote research facility, the SOMA video game is a sci-fi survival horror. It will make you question your entire existence. With an unsettling story about identity and what it means to be human.

It’s like most game developed by Frictional Games (for example Amnesia The Dark Descent). There’s a heavy emphasis on evading threats, puzzles and complete immersion into the world of SOMA. Thus, critics have praised SOMA for its story and voice acting. So, because of this, it’s a game you need to play! And if you just want to enjoy the story – don’t worry, there’s a safe mode.

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About SOMA

After going for a brain scan in 2015, Simon Jarrett wakes up in a strange underwater facility. It’s known as PATHOS-II. And the year is 2105. The station has fallen into a state of ruin. Lost and alone, Simon makes contact with Catherine Chun – a PATHOS-II employee. She directs him on where to go next. But be careful, danger lurks at every corner. Corrupted humans, twisted creatures, insane robots. And even an inscrutable omnipresent A.I. And there’s no fighting back, so either outsmart the enemy or run.

Seek out the last humans. Partake in the events that will ultimately shape the fate of the station. Be prepared to face horrors buried deep beneath the ocean waves. Check out the story trailer below!

SOMA Trailer

Safe Mode

Two years after the initial release of SOMA, a Safe Mode was released. This offers “the chance to explore the story without being eaten by monsters.” So you can enjoy the story without the danger. Check out the safe mode trailer:

Our (Spoiler-Free) Review – ★★★★★



Obviously, one of the standout points when it comes to SOMA is the story. There are so many little snippets – in letters, data, voice messages – that just help build up the story. So you truly understand what happened in the PATHOS-II facilities before your arrival. There are emotional decisions to make. Although they do not impact the ending. But they still make you want to think long and hard about what choice you should pick. Make sure you stick around at the end for a post-credits scene too.


Something Frictional Games is always excellent at is creating atmosphere. Creepy hallways and rooms topped with music that gives you chills and instantly puts you on edge. Any monster encounter is that much more terrifying.


Unlike some horror games, SOMA doesn’t encourage you – or even allow you – to fight with the monsters. The best option is either to hide or run and hope for the best. This makes the game even creepier. And you find yourself holding your breath and hoping that you won’t be found. If a chase does start, then the music intensifies and helps to create a terrifying rush. Although when you have to make noise opening doors which attracts the monsters, these scenes can get very tedious and stressful.

As well as scenes set inside the facility, SOMA takes advantage of the underwater location. As you move between the different buildings, you also have to go outside into the deep, dark and dangerous ocean. Stick to the lights. Because otherwise, you’ll find yourself lost in the terrifying abyss.

Voice Acting

Additionally, the voice acting in this game really stands out. Particularly in some scenes, Catherine Chun (voiced by Nell Mooney) has so much emotion in her voice. It really makes you feel that much more conscious of your decisions.


So, basically, SOMA is a masterpiece. Every separate part of the game – the story, etc. – is perfect. So when they all come together in the finished SOMA piece it creates something amazing. And with a story that will stick with you forever, whether you do play it on normal mode or safe mode, SOMA is a game that you need to experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SOMA gameplay?

The gameplay of SOMA is similar to Frictional Games’ other works. Instead of trying to fight enemies and terrifying monsters, you either need to hide or run away.

How many hours is SOMA game?

SOMA will take around 9 hours to complete the main story. If you want to complete extras as well, it will take you around 11 hours.

Why is the game SOMA called SOMA?

The name SOMA originates from the Greek word σῶμα (soma). It refers to the body. Or more specifically body seperate from the mind or the soul.

Is SOMA game hard?

SOMA is not a hard game, but it can get a little frustrating and tedious at times. Since you can’t actually kill the enemies, you often find yourself waiting a while for them to go away.

Have you played SOMA already or will you play it now? Let us know!

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