A Fierce Read in The Wolves of Calla (The Dark Tower V)

Stephen King’s The Wolves of Calla is the fifth instalment of the genre-defining series that takes readers on a gripping and unforgettable journey through a mysterious and dangerous world.

Make sure you’ve read the previous instalment, Wizard and Glass before delving into this epic tale!

First published in 1982, The Dark Tower series has since become a classic of contemporary fantasy literature, inspiring countless imitators and influencing a generation of writers.

King’s novel explores themes of loss, love, and sacrifice, while showcasing his signature blend of suspense, horror, and literary craftsmanship. Come with us as we delve into the wonderful world that only King could write.

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About the Series

the drawing of the three
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The Dark Tower series is a set of eight novels written by legendary American author Stephen King. The series follows the journey of Roland Deschain, a gunslinger from a world that is similar to the Old West, as he travels through a vast and mysterious landscape in search of the Dark Tower.

Stephen King released the series over an epic 30 years. The series was chiefly inspired by the poem “Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came” by Robert Browning. This full text was included in the final volume’s appendix. In the preface to the revised 2003 edition of The Gunslinger, King also identifies The Lord of the RingsArthurian legend, and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly as inspirations.

The 8 novels include:

  1. The Gunslinger
  2. The Drawing of the Three
  3. The Waste Lands
  4. Wizard and Glass
  5. The Wind Through the Keyhole
  6. Wolves of the Calla
  7. Song of Susannah
  8. The Dark Tower

The series has been adapted into a film (The Dark Tower 2017) starring huge stars such including Idris Elba & Matthew McConaughey and a television series of the same name.

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Official Description

wolves of the calla
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Wolves of the Calla

Wolves of the Calla is the thrilling fifth book in Stephen King’s Dark Tower series—a unique bestselling epic fantasy quest inspired many years ago by The Lord of the Rings.

Full Description

Wolves of the Calla is the thrilling fifth book in Stephen King’s Dark Tower series—a unique bestselling epic fantasy quest inspired many years ago by The Lord of the Rings.

In the extraordinary fifth novel in Stephen King’s remarkable fantasy epic, Roland Deschain and his ka-tet are bearing southeast through the forests of Mid-World. Their path takes them to the outskirts of Calla Bryn Sturgis, a tranquil valley community of farmers and ranchers on Mid-World’s borderlands.

Beyond the town, the rocky ground rises toward the hulking darkness of Thunderclap. This is the source of a terrible affliction that is slowly stealing the community’s soul. The Wolves of Thunderclap and their unspeakable depredation are coming. To resist them is to risk all, but these are odds the gunslingers are used to, and they can give the Calla-folken both courage and cunning. Their guns, however, will not be enough.

Our Overview

The story begins with Roland and his group arriving in town. Calla Bryn Sturgis, a peaceful farming community plagued by a nightmare. Every generation, the town is attacked by mysterious “Wolves” who kidnap one child from each pair of twins born in the community. The villagers believe that the Wolves are supernatural beings sent to punish them for their sins. Roland suspects that they are simply a group of humans with advanced technology.

The gunslinger and his group, consisting of Eddie, Susannah, Jake, and Oy, decide to help the town by fighting off the Wolves. They also learn about a young boy named Benny Slightman who was able to fight off the Wolves in a previous attack. The group decides to seek out Benny in the hopes of learning his secret.

Meanwhile, Susannah is struggling with her split personalities, while Jake is having haunting visions of a dark tower. Eddie is grappling with the weight of his responsibilities as a gunslinger, and Roland is dealing with the consequences of his past actions.

As the ka-tet prepares for the arrival of the Wolves, they discover that the town is also being threatened by a group of rogue robots. The gunslinger and his group must fight against both the Wolves and the robots to save the town.

In the final battle, the ka-tet faces off against the Wolves and emerges victorious. They learn that the Wolves are actually genetically modified human beings. Here, they are serving as soldiers for a mysterious organization called the Sombra Corporation. The group also discovers that Benny’s secret was simply his ability to shoot accurately.

The Wolves of the Calla ends with the ka-tet continuing their journey towards the Dark Tower, but not before taking on a new member, Father Callahan, who has been transported from another dimension.

A Fierce Read in The Wolves of Calla (The Dark Tower V)

Our Review

King’s character development is always outstanding, and readers will find themselves invested in the lives of Roland, Eddie, Susannah, Jake, and Oy. Personally, we empathise so much with poor Susannah. The inclusion of Father Callahan as a new member of the ka-tet also adds a fresh dynamic to the group. It’s important in such a long series to keep it feeling fresh, and King does this beautifully.

Stephen King weaves the plot perfectly with multiple storylines, including the quest to defeat the Wolves and the threat posed by Dr. Doom’s army. King also explores complex themes such as the consequences of advanced technology and the nature of sacrifice. This may be all too real nowadays…

This is one of the more Sci-Fi heavy novels in the series, but somehow it works seamlessly. No one else could blend Sci-Fi, Western, Horror, and Action like King can.

Our rating: ★★★★★

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to read the previous books in the series to understand this one?

It is recommended to read the previous books in the series to fully understand the context and background of the characters. However, The Wolves of the Calla can be a self-contained story.

Is this book suitable for younger readers?

The book contains mature themes and graphic violence, making it unsuitable for younger readers. However, we believe it should be entirely up to the guardians to decide what is suitable.

Are there any connections between this book and other Stephen King novels?

Yes, there are several connections between “The Wolves of the Calla” and other Stephen King novels, particularly the Dark Tower series. The book also contains references to other King works, such as Salem’s Lot and The Stand.

Have you read any of the Dark Tower series yet? Let us know!

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