Final Novel In The Dark Tower VII The Dark Tower

Stephen King’s The Dark Tower is the final instalment in the genre-defining series that takes readers on a gripping and unforgettable journey through a mysterious and dangerous world.

Make sure you’ve read the previous instalment, The Song of Susannah before delving into this epic tale!

First published in 1982, The Dark Tower series has since become a classic of contemporary fantasy literature, inspiring countless imitators and influencing a generation of writers.

King’s novel explores themes of loss, love, and sacrifice, while showcasing his signature blend of suspense, horror, and literary craftsmanship. Come with us as we delve into the wonderful world that only King could write.

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About the Series

the drawing of the three
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The Dark Tower series is a set of eight novels written by legendary American author Stephen King. The series follows the journey of Roland Deschain, a gunslinger from a world that is similar to the Old West, as he travels through a vast and mysterious landscape in search of the Dark Tower.

Stephen King released the series over an epic 30 years. The series was chiefly inspired by the poem “Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came” by Robert Browning. This full text was included in the final volume’s appendix. In the preface to the revised 2003 edition of The Gunslinger, King also identifies The Lord of the RingsArthurian legend, and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly as inspirations.

The 8 novels include:

  1. The Gunslinger
  2. The Drawing of the Three
  3. The Waste Lands
  4. Wizard and Glass
  5. The Wind Through the Keyhole
  6. Wolves of the Calla
  7. Song of Susannah
  8. The Dark Tower

The series has been adapted into a film (The Dark Tower 2017) starring huge stars such including Idris Elba & Matthew McConaughey and a television series of the same name.

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Official Description

the dark tower
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The Dark Tower

Creating “true narrative magic” (The Washington Post) at every revelatory turn, Stephen King surpasses all expectation in the stunning final volume of his seven-part epic masterwork. Entwining stories and worlds from a vast and complex canvas, here is the conclusion readers have long awaited—breathtakingly imaginative, boldly visionary, and wholly entertaining.

Roland Deschain and his ka-tet have journeyed together and apart, scattered far and wide across multilayered worlds of wheres and whens. The destinies of Roland, Susannah, Jake, Father Callahan, Oy, and Eddie are bound in the Dark Tower itself, which now pulls them ever closer to their own endings and beginnings…and into a maelstrom of emotion, violence, and discovery

Our Overview

“The Dark Tower (VII) – The Dark Tower” is the final book in Stephen King’s epic Dark Tower series. The book starts immediately after the events of the previous book. So we’re back with Roland and his ka-tet (Eddie, Susannah Dean, and Jake Chambers) following the difficult and treacherous trail to the Tower.

The group approach the Tower. Oy, a billy-bumbler, and Patrick Danville, a boy with psychic abilities join our beloved group. Along the way, they encounter various obstacles, including vicious animals, supernatural entities, and the Crimson King’s army of robotic soldiers.

As they get closer to the Tower, they begin to experience strange visions and hallucinations, causing them to question their own reality and memories. Susannah, who has been struggling with a split personality and trauma from her past, then decides to stay behind in a parallel universe where she can start a new life.

The remaining members of the ka-tet continue on, facing increasingly bizarre and dangerous challenges. Roland becomes increasingly obsessed with reaching the Tower, even as he begins to question whether the quest is worth the sacrifices he’s made and the lives lost along the way.

Finally, the group reaches the Tower. We then find out that it is a portal to other universes and realities. Inside, Roland is confronted with his past mistakes and is given a choice. Either enter the Tower and restart his journey from the beginning, or finally lay down his quest and embrace a peaceful death.

Roland then chooses to enter the Tower, and the book ends with him beginning his journey anew. With the implication that he will continue to repeat this cycle until he can learn from his mistakes and achieve redemption.

Final Novel In The Dark Tower VII The Dark Tower

Our Review

The Dark Tower (VII) The Dark Tower by Stephen King is an absolute masterpiece! This book is the thrilling conclusion to the epic Dark Tower series and it did not disappoint!

From the very first page, we were hooked and couldn’t put it down. The action and suspense are non-stop as Roland and his ka-tet face one challenge after another in their quest to reach the Tower. The addition of new characters like Oy and Patrick added a fresh dynamic to the group.

But what really sets this book apart is the emotional depth and complexity of the finale to the story. King delves deep into the characters’ psyches, exploring their fears, doubts, and regrets. Roland’s inner turmoil as he grapples with the consequences of his actions. Also the toll his quest has taken on those around him is heart-wrenching and compelling.

Sacrifice and redemption are woven throughout the story, and the ending is both poignant and satisfying. It left us both satisfied and sad to say goodbye to these characters that we had come to love over the course of the series.

Overall, “The Dark Tower (VII) – The Dark Tower” is a must-read for fans of the Dark Tower series and Stephen King fans in general. It’s an epic, emotional rollercoaster that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. We can’t recommend it enough!

Our rating: ★★★★★

Frequently Asked Questions

Is “The Dark Tower (VII) – The Dark Tower” a standalone book?

No, “The Dark Tower (VII) – The Dark Tower” is not a standalone book. It is the seventh and final book in a series that spans multiple genres and takes place across various universes and realities. So be sure to check out the other books in the series!

Is this book suitable for younger readers?

The book contains mature themes and graphic violence, making it unsuitable for younger readers. However, we believe it should be entirely up to the guardians to decide what is suitable.

What is “The Dark Tower (VII) – The Dark Tower” about?

The Dark Tower (VII) – The Dark Tower is the final book in Stephen King’s epic Dark Tower series. It follows Roland and his ka-tet as they face tons of challenges on their quest to reach the Tower. Along the way, they are forced to confront their own fears and regrets, culminating in a powerful and emotional finale.

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