Everything We Know About Stormlight Archive Book 5!

If you haven’t already, check out the first novel; The Way of Kings. This article will likely contain spoilers up until the recent books. The common working title for the Stormlight Archive Book 5 is Knights of Wind and Truth.

Despite the title having some criticism, the title fits the book thematically. We know that Kaladin and Szeth are going on a journey together – so using Wind to reference the two is a great reference! As of June 2023, Sanderson has announced that the current working title is The Saga of Lopen!

Do you think you’re ready to jump back into a work of legends, knights, battle, and war?

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About the Stormlight Archive Series

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The Stormlight Archive is an epic fantasy series penned by acclaimed author Brandon Sanderson. Set in the richly imagined world of Roshar, the series follows a grand narrative filled with political intrigue, magical systems, and larger-than-life characters. With its meticulously constructed world-building, complex plotlines, and intricate magic systems, The Stormlight Archive has captivated readers with its sweeping scope and masterful storytelling.

The series explores the Knights Radiant, legendary warriors who possess magical abilities known as Surgebinding. As the ancient order then resurfaces, their return brings hope and fear in equal measure. These Radiants, along with other key figures, are burdened with the responsibility of unraveling the mysteries of Roshar’s past and finding a way to save humanity from an impending cataclysm.

Each instalment of the series follows a different character, which we have included below!

The series currently contains 5 books:

  1. The Way of KingsKaladin Stormblessed (2010)
  2. Words of RadianceShallan Davar(2014)
  3. OathbringerDalinar Kholin (2017)
  4. Rhythm of WarVenli (2020)
  5. Knights of Wind and Truth – Szeth-son-Neturo(Planned for 2024)

As well as three novellas:

  1. EdgedancerLift (2016)
  2. DawnshardRysn Ftori (2020)
  3. Horneater – Rock (Planned Release Data 2024)
Everything We Know About Stormlight Archive Book 5!

Pre-Publication Content & TV Adaption

Brandon isn’t one to leave his fans in the dark. He has given a lot of content to keep the fans well-fed even as the publication date is pushed back. As far as we can see, Sanderson has done five chapter/section readings at various conventions and on Youtube.

Stormlight Archive Book 5
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We should also let you know that Sanderson teased us at JordcanCon 2021 that there may be TV or Movie adaptions sometime in the future. He suggested that we sould “read in between the lines” as to why he may not tell us anything official just yet.

(Concept Art by Randy Vargas)

With the huge success of Fantasy series such as Game of Thrones, Vampire Diaries, and The Witcher, it is no surprise that Sanderson is next on Hollywood’s list. Whilst none of these claims are official, a Secret Project Kickstarter that was listed in the past only adds more fuel to the fire. Netflix was mentioned, and he went on in a later Reddit AMA that he aims to have a high-level of involvement and creative control over any possible adaptations.

We know that if an official deal hasn’t even been reached yet, it will be a long time before it hits our screens, so best stay focused on the books for now.

The End of the Cosmere?

This may slightly depress some readers, but we are nearing the halfway point. Many readers may have only just recently gotten introduced to Brandon Sanderson and his work, but the man already has the end in sight. For those who don’t know, the Cosmere is the fantastical universe he’s created for his stories. Book series that take place within this universe are Mistborn and The Stormlight Archive among others. When his career is over, this will likely be the superfranchise Sanderson will be known for.

As it turns out, Sanderson already has something of an endgame in sight.

“The last chronological book of the Cosmere Sequence is the final Mistborn book,” Sanderson said in a signing last month. “So the way that the structure works right now [is]: Elantris, Mistborn Era One, Stormlight Archive first five, Mistborn Era Two [and Three], Elantris 2 and 3, Stormlight Archive 6-10, then the final Mistborn Era.

“Era four of Mistborn will be the last chronologically,” Sanderson continued. “We will have the flashbacks to Dragonsteel after Stormlight 10 but before Era four of Mistborn. If I manage to get that all done before I die, then there’s a decent change I will write other Cosmere books…probably during this timeframe. Unconnected or only tangentially related. But I do intend that to be the final book of the Cosmere sequence and I have no plans for anything chronologically after that.”

If you’re a little confused, we don’t blame you. It seems that Stormlight Archive Book 5 will mark the halfway point of the Cosmere. It may be sad that this super-series is coming to an end, but it’s good that Sanderson has a plan, rather than some authors who seem to keep going until they’re flogging a dead horse.

Release Date

Sanderson is very transparent with the updates regarding his novels. Whilst it is planned to be released in November 2024, some have questioned if it will be released on time following push-backs of novellas.

However, we’re happy to say that as of June 2023, Sanderson announced in his Youtube Weekly Updates that the Stormlight Archive Book 5 is officially half-way done!

In the video, he says that he has been given a deadline of December 15 to send his draft to his publishers, and denoted that he is “worried it won’t be good enough”. He then denoted that if he is not happy or his editors are not happy, they will push the date back. However, he says that is not something that he is anticipating.

One commenter summed up our feelings rather well: ‘”A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is bad forever.” Delay the book if you’re not happy with it, because if you don’t we won’t be’

Watch his weekly update below and keep your eye out for more Stormlight Book 5 updates!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a book 5 in Stormlight Archive?

The Saga of Lopen will release in November 2024, if all goes to plan.

Will Stormlight Archive be a TV Show?

Whilst we have no official announcements as such, Sanderson has hinted that he has had some calls from Hollywood which has kept him busy.

How many hours a day does Brandon Sanderson write?

In a review with The Creative Independent, Sanderson does 2 writing sessions a day. One from 1300 – 1700, then again from 2200 until it’s time for bed. So at least 4, but Sanderson seems to be fairly flexible.

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