Diving Deep Into These 12 Games Like Subnautica

Water covers over 70% of our planet, yet the mysteries that lie beneath its surface remain largely unknown, evoking both wonder and trepidation. Video games have long been portals to uncharted realms, from alien planets to medieval kingdoms. Among these, the genre that immerses players in the haunting beauty and lurking dangers of oceanic expanses is captivating a growing number of gamers. At the forefront of this tidal wave is the critically acclaimed Subnautica, an underwater survival adventure that plunges players into the abyssal depths of an alien ocean world. So, take a deep breath and dive in with us as we venture into the profound allure of games like Subnautica.

Where to Play Subnautica: Steam

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About Subnautica

Subnautica is an open-world survival game developed and published by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. Released in January 2018, the game quickly gained popularity for its immersive underwater exploration, unique alien ecosystems, and captivating storyline. Subnautica’s blend of survival mechanics, resource management, and deep-sea mystery has garnered a dedicated fanbase and critical acclaim.


Set on an alien ocean planet called 4546B, Subnautica thrusts players into the role of a lone survivor of the Aurora, a spaceship that crash-landed on the planet’s watery surface. Players must navigate the treacherous underwater landscape, gather resources, construct tools and habitats, and fend off dangerous aquatic creatures while uncovering the planet’s secrets.

The game emphasizes exploration and survival. Players can dive into the depths to discover diverse biomes, ranging from coral reefs and kelp forests to volcanic craters and pitch-black abysses. Each biome is home to its own unique flora and fauna, some of which can be harvested for crafting materials or used to create sustenance. As players delve deeper into the ocean, they encounter increasingly mysterious and hostile creatures.

Crafting and Building:

Central to Subnautica’s gameplay is the crafting system. Players collect various resources such as metals, minerals, and plants, which can be combined to create tools, equipment, and habitats. Players must balance their needs for food, water, and oxygen while constructing underwater bases that provide shelter and crafting stations. These bases can be upgraded and expanded, offering more advanced amenities and storage options.


Subnautica features a rich narrative that unfolds as players explore and interact with the environment. The game offers both a compelling personal story of survival and a broader mystery surrounding the planet’s history and the presence of a mysterious alien race called the Precursors. Players uncover clues through abandoned bases, datapads, and radio transmissions, gradually piecing together the events that led to their ship’s crash and the challenges they face on the planet.


The success of Subnautica led to the development of an expansion titled “Subnautica: Below Zero,” released in early access in January 2019 and fully released in May 2021. Below Zero retains the core gameplay of its predecessor while introducing new biomes, creatures, and a frosty arctic environment. Players assume the role of a scientist investigating the disappearance of their sister and uncovering the mysteries of the planet’s frozen regions.


Subnautica received widespread praise for its atmospheric underwater world, engaging gameplay, and compelling narrative. Critics and players lauded the game’s unique blend of survival, exploration, and storytelling. The title was noted for its tension-building moments as players encountered both awe-inspiring marine life and terrifying predators.

Subnautica stands as a shining example of the survival genre, offering players an unforgettable underwater adventure filled with discovery, danger, and intrigue. Its emphasis on exploration, resource management, and narrative storytelling has made it a beloved title among gamers who seek immersive experiences within uncharted depths.

But if you’ve already played Subnautica and are looking for more games to explore then deep dive with us into more games like Subnautica!

Games Like Subnautica

games like subnautica below zero
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Subnautica: Below Zero

  • Plot: Set on the same alien planet as its predecessor, “Below Zero” explores a different, colder region. The player, Robin Ayou, searches for her sister’s lost research while navigating icy landscapes and freezing underwater biomes.
  • Similarities to Subnautica:
    1. Direct sequel and shares the same universe.
    2. Underwater exploration and survival mechanics.
    3. Crafting and base-building aspects.

games like subnautica: no mans sky
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No Man’s Sky

  • Plot: Players travel across a procedurally generated universe, exploring planets, gathering resources, trading, and uncovering ancient alien mysteries.
  • Similarities to Subnautica:
    1. Vast biomes for exploration.
    2. Resource gathering and base building.
    3. Alien life and mysteries.

games like subnautica: the forest
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The Forest

  • Plot: Following a plane crash, the player seeks their abducted son on a mysterious island populated by cannibalistic tribes.
  • Similarities to Subnautica:
    1. Survival in a hostile environment.
    2. Crafting and shelter-building.
    3. Uncovering hidden island mysteries.

games like subnautica: stranded deep
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Stranded Deep

  • Plot: A plane crash survivor must navigate the dangers of isolated Pacific islands while seeking rescue.
  • Similarities to Subnautica:
    1. Oceanic exploration and survival.
    2. Crafting for survival.
    3. Threats from marine wildlife.

games like subnautica: green hell
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Green Hell

  • Plot: The player is stranded in the Amazon rainforest, battling both psychological and environmental dangers while seeking a way out.
  • Similarities to Subnautica:
    1. Intense survival mechanics.
    2. Resource gathering and crafting.
    3. Hostile environment and wildlife encounters.

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  • Plot: Dive into a vibrant underwater world, interacting with marine life and uncovering ancient secrets.
  • Similarities to Subnautica:
    1. Beautiful underwater exploration.
    2. Interaction with marine species.
    3. Mysteries buried deep underwater.

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  • Plot: Set in an underwater research facility, players face horrors and existential questions on consciousness and identity after a mysterious catastrophe.
  • Similarities to Subnautica:
    1. Underwater setting.
    2. Engaging story with twists.
    3. Threats from mysterious entities.

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  • Plot: Players are stranded on a small raft in the open sea, expanding their floatation device, battling sharks, and seeking land.
  • Similarities to Subnautica:
    1. Ocean-based survival.
    2. Resource gathering and crafting.
    3. Threats from marine life.

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Conan Exiles

  • Plot: Exiled in a vast desert, players must survive, confront human enemies, and appease or battle gods in a savage world inspired by Conan the Barbarian.
  • Similarities to Subnautica:
    1. Intensive survival and crafting elements.
    2. Base building and defending.
    3. Hostile environments and creatures.

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ARK: Survival Evolved

  • Plot: Players find themselves on an island teeming with dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures, where they must survive, tame beasts, and uncover the island’s secrets.
  • Similarities to Subnautica:
    1. Survival in a prehistoric environment.
    2. Crafting and base-building.
    3. Taming and interacting with native fauna.

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Deep Rock Galactic

  • Plot: Players are space dwarves working for a mining corporation, sent on dangerous missions to extract resources from hostile alien planets.
  • Similarities to Subnautica:
    1. Exploration of uncharted terrains.
    2. Gathering resources in hostile conditions.
    3. Survive against alien threats.

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Empyrion – Galactic Survival

  • Plot: Stranded in space, players explore different planets, gather resources, and engage in both terrestrial and space combat to survive.
  • Similarities to Subnautica:
    1. Exploration of diverse biomes.
    2. Base-building and crafting.
    3. Engaging with alien flora and fauna.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a Subnautica 3?

Whilst there is no confirmation of Subnautica 3, fans speculate that it might be arriving in 2025!

What type of video game is Subnautica?

“Subnautica” is an open-world survival adventure game set in the alien underwater world of planet 4546B.

What to do after beating Subnautica Below Zero?

After completing “Subnautica: Below Zero,” you’ve seen the main story through to its conclusion, but there might still be plenty to explore and do! Here are some suggestions on what you can focus on next:

Completionist Exploration: Dive into every nook and cranny of the game world. There might be areas or biomes you skimmed over during your initial playthrough.

Base Building: Construct an elaborate or aesthetically pleasing base. Experiment with different locations or designs that you haven’t tried yet.

Achievements: If you’re playing on a platform with achievement systems, work on unlocking all the achievements or trophies for the game.

Document Wildlife: Try to scan and document every creature and flora in the game. This can be a self-imposed challenge to enhance your knowledge of the game world.

Hardcore Mode: Attempt a hardcore playthrough where death means the end of the game. This mode offers an added challenge and can give you a different perspective on gameplay.

Creative Mode: This mode lets you play without the survival elements. Use it as a sandbox to explore, build, or just relax without the pressure of survival needs.

Community Engagement: Engage with the “Subnautica” community online. Share your experiences, tips, or base designs. You might discover new strategies or Easter eggs you missed during your playthrough.

Mods: If you’re playing on a platform that supports mods, consider trying some out. Mods can add new content, enhance graphics, adjust gameplay mechanics, or even introduce entirely new challenges.

Fan Theories & Lore: Delve deeper into the game’s lore, story, and theories. The Subnautica community often discusses and speculates on various story elements, offering deeper insights into the game’s universe.

Replay Value: Consider replaying the game with self-imposed challenges, like limiting certain equipment or trying to finish the game as quickly as possible (a speedrun).

Check out Other Games: If you loved “Subnautica: Below Zero,” there are other similar exploration and survival games to dive into, as we previously discussed.

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