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The Rescue by Sam Renner

Trevor Nixon’s best friend, Shaine, is also his literal partner in crime. The lives they lead aren’t honest, and they can sometimes be dangerous. Shaine’s latest scheme could be very lucrative if everything goes right. But when it predictably doesn’t, Nixon is forced to act quickly and turn to the one person he and Shaine promised to never ask for help.
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An Hour Of Wolves by Christian Warren Freed

Inquisitor Breed is sent to investigate a prison escape. At his side are a platoon of Prekhauten Guard and one of the fabled Blood Witches. It is a powerful force, but not enough to hunt down and defeat the greatest evil the universe has ever known. An Hour of Wolves is the thrilling prequel to the Forgotten Gods Tales.
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Bag Of Coins by Katherine E Soto

An official solver of supernatural and curious puzzles finds an enchanted bag of coins on a table in a tavern. Can he solve the puzzle?
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Return From Darkness by Award-Winning Author Peter Servidio

Earth has Fallen chronicles the aftermath of World War III, a conflict that plunged the planet into nuclear winter. Despite predictions that it would last for no more than a decade, fifty years have passed with no end in sight. The few who survived the initial devastation have moved underground to scrape out a life in once-abandoned mines and bunkers—the hopeful venture to the surface to scavenge and search for signs of a healing Earth. But out in the wastes, the Ash Walkers have adapted to a new kind of world, one characterized by violence and the hunt for human flesh. Will humanity ever see the sun again? Only time will tell.
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Monster Manifesto by Weird Little Worlds Press

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