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Rebel Sword by Richard Davis

The mission is as daring as it is dangerous. Sneak behind enemy lines through the treacherous orcish swamps. Infiltrate a castle under cover of darkness, the lair of a sadistic dark knight. Save the prince and bring him home — if he’s still alive.
Charles volunteers, and his world forever changes. For on this epic adventure he will undergo a trial by fire that will forge a man out of a boy. And not just any man, but Charles Raptor, the Rebel Slave that will give birth to a legend.
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Bronze Dragon by Eileen Mueller

A routine hunting trip turns into a nightmare when Hans discovers a dead dragon rider, and vicious beasts in the forest.
Then his family goes missing. He must track the dangerous beasts to find his mother and sister, but everything goes go wrong.
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Darkworld by T.R. Magnus

The sun is dying over Ashathar.
Kataklysm arrives every three thousand years. It’s always different, but whatever form it takes, the result is the same—it brings humanity to the brink of extinction.
The last Kataklysm… happened three thousand years ago.  
To save the world from Kataklysm, Tannen seeks an ancient path, once cultivated by the ancestors, long since abandoned and forgotten.
To find the path, Tannen must venture into hostile lands.
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Tor The Adventurer by Jeffrey L. Kohanek

Join Tor on his first quest…which nearly became his last.
The isle of enchanters holds many secrets. Tor and his crew are sent there to infiltrate the island’s inner sanctum and investigate the ruins of a destroyed tower. The dangers lurking within are more extensive than Tor might have ever guessed. Join the quest and discover how he obtained his famous, enchanted weapon.

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The Veiled Happenlore of The Master Construct by Steven A. Guglich

The world of the Veil Saga is our very own, but much of the history of our world has been kept secret from humanity. Chronicled by those who have watched from behind the Veil, this secret history, complied by Master Chronicler, Fulbert Gisilfrid has been prepared for humanity for the day when the Veil is no more and the enchanted and mundane look upon one another again.
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Soron’s Quest by New York Times Bestselling Author Robyn Wideman

Soron is tired of combat. Growing up in the harsh world of Northern Solotine, Soron has been fighting his entire life. He is only a young man, but already a battle hardened veteran. He longs to pursue a new, less violent life, but the people of Northern Solotine, and the very land itself seem determined to keep that from happening! Vicious beasts, a harsh land and a northern chieftain bent on destroying his village and killing his father all stand in the way of Soron’s goal of a simple and peaceful life.
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The King’s Thief by S.N. Mckibben

Lady Dauphine keeps a secret that could restore her country from the clutches of Randish rule. Yet the noble woman hides under the profitable guise of her courtesan business far from home. For what can one woman do against the zealous lot of religious leaders that hold Quenarre, and all its people, hostage? Only her cousin and the man who saved her life twenty years ago know her true origins.
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Heir Of Magic by Bestselling Author J.D. Ruffin

She thought she’d escaped . . .
. . . and then rough hands gripped her mouth.
She’s the fifth. How many more will vanish before . . .
Constable Keelan Rae races against time and hope.
When the Crown Princess disappears, the kingdom rages. Blame is laid across the border. The banners are called.
War looms.
How many must die to serve her cause?
Can Keelan save those kidnapped before battle blazes?
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Eamon by Bestselling Author Martha Carr

Willow Jenkins is a girl gamer in a taco truck fighting interdimensional demons in Austin, Texas. Do you ever want to just let go and find out who you could really become if you weren’t afraid of anything? And there are dragons.
Do you like the bent humor of The Supernatural, the twisty plots of Buffy and the dark portals of Stranger Things? But you want dragons too?
Then Eamon is the perfect adventure for you.
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Midnight Flowers by Alex Evans

Mistress Quicksilver, a refined antique dealer, is about to put up for sale a most unusual collection. One of the items attracts many diverse and nasty individuals. She has to protect her merchandise, while managing the marital problems of her friend and the blunders of her teenage son. Fortunately, Quicksilver has more than one trick up her sleeve…
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A Demon’s Quest by Award-Winning Author Charles Carfagno Jr.

Across the land, peace has reigned for generations. But now, demons have found a way to breach the world and cloaked themselves as humans. They are deceitful, clever, and often manipulative as they position themselves within the Martial Orders of mankind to lie in wait like a ticking time bomb and conquer the world of humanity.
But another crucial journey is being undertaken. Wronged by a close friend, Gilex is on a road of revenge as he leads his devoted band of followers on a treacherous journey to find the fabled Circle of Demise. However, finding the circle will prove harder than expected and the rewards might not be what he was seeking.

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