A Soul of Ash and Blood: From Blood And Ash Book 5

A Soul of Ash and Blood is the fifth novel in the From Blood and Ash series. If you haven’t already, check out the first novel; From Blood and Ash.

A Soul of Ash and Blood wove an enchanting tale between the past and the present.  It was a phenomenal addition to the From Blood and Ash Series. In this novel, we experience the world through Cas’ eyes. JLA skillfully immerses us in a world we already loved with this book, but be prepared to see it in an entirely new light.

A Soul of Ash and Blood was released in July 2023, so this review is hot off the pages!

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Official Description

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A Soul of Ash and Blood

Only his memories can save her…

A great primal power has risen. The Queen of Flesh and Fire has become the Primal of Blood and Bone—the true Primal of Life and Death. And the battle Casteel, Poppy, and their allies have been fighting has only just begun. Gods are awakening across Iliseeum and the mortal realm, readying for the war to come.

But when Poppy falls into stasis, Cas faces the very real possibility that the dire, unexpected consequences of what she is becoming could take her away from him. Cas is given some advice, though—something he plans to cling to as he waits to see her beautiful eyes open once more: Talk to her.

And so, he does. He reminds Poppy how their journey began, revealing things about himself that only Kieran knows in the process. But it’s anybody’s guess what she’ll wake to or exactly how much of the realm and Cas will have changed when she does.

Armentout’s Latest Vampire Book: A Soul of Ash and Blood

Our Review

JLA has skillfully flipped the script with the latest addition to the Blood and Ash series. This alternate POV installment not only adds depth to the cherished narrative but also blends excitement and drama which makes for a truly irresistible read.

Picking up right after the climactic events of the previous book, the story follows Poppy as she grapples with the aftermath. Unexpectedly, she enters a rejuvenating slumber that promises transformation upon her awakening. This allows Cass to display his intensely protective nature as he tends to his resting wife. Through his perspective, we are treated to their early moments and the evolution of their love story.

Is there anything better than a hero who is completely smitten with his girl? Watching that hero go from emotionally crumpled to slowly learning that he also deserves love is heart-melting and tear-inducing in its own right.

I love that this book it puts a different spin on the story, and particularly enjoyed watching the twists and turns from the end of the first book. Now we may fully understand Casteel’s actions and the purpose behind them. It was truly fascinating to go back and re-explore such scenes.

It offers an opportunity not only to witness past events but also, through intermittent present-day chapters, to delve into Casteel’s reflections on that period, which is truly captivating. His evolving emotions for Poppy are undeniable, and while this is just the inception of their love story, its beauty is profoundly evident.

Throughout the journey, we’re treated to heartwarming moments with the familiar side characters we’ve grown fond of, both from the past and the present. This includes some newer faces that add a delightful touch of lightheartedness and enjoyment. Revisiting these relationships offers a lovely perspective on how they’ve flourished over the course of the series.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a book 5 of Blood and Ash?

Yes, and you’re reading about it here! A Soul of Ash and Blood is the 5th book in the Blood and Ash series.

Is A Soul of Ash and Blood out yet?

It is. A Soul of Ash and Blood was released in July of 2023.

Will there be a book 6 of From Blood and Ash?

Yes – Visions of Flesh and Blood will be released on February 20th, 2024. Keep your eyes peeled for our review!

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