Everything You Need to Know About Outlander Season 6!

Season 6 of the hit show Outlander aired on March 6 2022 and Outlander season 7 will likely be dropping (hopefully) soon. With an expected 5 year wait between book 9 and the final book in the series, we have plenty of Outlander goodness to sink our teeth into. We are so excited that we have collected everything you need to know ahead of Outlander season 7!

Everything You Need to Know & More about Outlander Season 6!
Warning: There will be season 6 spoilers ahead so proceed with caution if you haven’t caught up with season 5 yet!
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All About Outlander

An English combat nurse from 1945 travels back in time to 1743. We follow the story of Claire Randall, a married combat nurse from 1945 who is mysteriously swept back in time to 1743. The series follows the storyline of the Outlander novels with season 6 following A Breath of Snow and Ashes.

The novels were adapted for TV by Starz with a focus on the network’s development toward “audiences that were being underserved” to “drive a real fervent fan base that then becomes the kind of advocacy group for the shows themselves”.

Outlander Season 6 Cast

Much of the season 1-5 cast returned to our screens for season 6. Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan reprise their roles as the main protagonists Clare and Jamie Fraser with many familiar faces also returning. Check out the full cast list below!

Main Cast Members

Catriona Balfe as Clare Fraser – Clare is our leading lady. Taking on the pseudonym Dr. Rawlings, she brings medical information from the future to 18th century North Carolina.
Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser – This Scottish warrior spent season 5 torn between fulfilling his obligation to Governor Tryon and protecting his life-long friend.
Sophie Skelton as Brianna Randall Fraser Mackenzie– After her mother returns to the past to live with Jamie, Bree follows her and is attacked.
Richard Rankin as Roger Wakefield Mackenzie – Roger is biologically an heir of the Mackenzie clan, a distant descendant born of an affair. He is the husband of Brianna.

Recurring Cast Members

Lauren Lyle as Marsall, wife of Fergus and the daughter of Laoghaire MacKenzie.
César Domboy As Fergus, Fergus accompanied Clare and Jamie to America.
John Bell as Ian, Young Ian is Jamie’s nephew who also comes to America.
Mark Lewis Jones, Alexander Vlahos, Jessica Reynolds As The Christie Family, a family who settle on Fraser’s Ridge.

Outlander Season 5 Recap

So that we are all up to speed and ready for the overview of season 6 let’s just recap exactly what went on in season 5.

WARNING – season 5 spoilers ahead!
outlander season 6
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In the wake of the celebration of Brianna and Roger’s wedding, the couple, along with son Jeremy, unsuccessfully attempt to travel back to the future.

Meanwile, Jamie Fraser is in a difficult moral dilemma. His loyalties to Governor Tryon and his loyalties to his godfather Murtagh Fraser – the leader of the regulator movement. He is asked to raise a milita to quell the rising regulator threat.

Tragically, Murtagh dies in Episode 7, The Ballad of Roger Mac, saving Jamie’s life and therin dying in his arms.

Throughout the season, Clare tries to use modern medicine to help people without raising suspicions. Under the pseudonym Dr. Rawling, she provides medical advice for the families in the Ridge. Her medical advice succeeds in getting her kidnapped and assaulted. Jamie, Roger, and Ian eventually rescue Clare and kill her kidnappers.

The main perpetrator, Lionel, has his body returned to his brother who thereby vows vengeance.

While the drama and difficult season draws to a close, the American Revolution looms in the background.

Season 6 Overview

Outlander season 6 premiered on Sunday 6th March 2022 on Starz in the US and StarzPlay in the UK. The news was well received by fans, who had been forced to experience a long wait due to lockdown restrictions.

Executive producer Matthew B Roberts insisted that he wouldn’t change the intimate nature of Outlander.

I don’t know how to write ‘COVID-friendly scenes,’ certainly not an Outlander scene, because we are going to have people next to each other, being emotional—you talk close to people, and that’s where it transfers COVID. We had to figure out, how do we keep Outlander, Outlander?”

Matthew B Roberts, Executive Producer

It’s safe to say after watching Outlander Season 6, that Roberts stayed true to his word! This season is just as intimate and sensual as the others. It’s reassuring to know that despite the regulations and restrictions put in place, the behind-the-scenes team made the tone of Outlander a priority alongside the safety of the cast and crew.

Episode 1 – Echoes

outlander season 6
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Jamie’s authority is tested when an old rival from Ardsmuir shows up to settle on the Ridge. Claire finds a new way to cope with the trauma of her assault by Lionel Brown.

North Carolina, 1773. Jamie gets a letter from Major MacDonald to ask him to become an ‘Indian Agent’, someone to convince the Native Americans to fight for the King.
The Christie family arrive on Fraser’s Ridge and are welcomed by the family.
Young Ian and Allan have a close encounter with some gunshots when they are apparently mistaken as Indians.
After a fight led by Richard Brown on the Ridge, Jamie accepts the offer of Indian Agent so that it will not be passed to Brown.

Episode 2 – Allegiance

outlander season 6
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Jamie struggles with his first request as Indian Agent. Roger presides over an unusual funeral. Marsali gives birth. However, the joy is short lived when a discovery is made.

Clare is once again accused of witchcraft, this time by Tom Christie. Claire, noticing his daughter Malva’s interest in medicine, asks her to accompany her with the labour of Marsali. During labour we learn that Marsali is violent to her husband for drinking and leaving for days at a time and he defends himself by grabbing her wrists to the point of bruising.
Jamie returns home and explains to Young Ian that the rebels are going to win the war and there will be new, kingless nations.
Marsali and Fergus are together and supportive during her birth, but when the baby is born with dwarfism, Fergus bolts.
Jamie learns that Young Ian has a Mohawk wife, which spurs him to change his mind and fight alongside the Native Americans as they are family.

Episode 3 – Temperance

outlander season 6
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Fergus worries about his new son’s quality of life when the baby is bullied by superstitious Protestants. Claire performs surgery on Tom’s hand.

The reason behind Fergus bolting was not one of judgement, but one of concern. He knows his son will be treated unfairly and is greatly worried.
Finally, Tom agrees to let Clare perform hand surgery on him. Malva watches through the window. Young Ian notices her standing there and offers to walk her home, to which she reveals that her mother was hanged as a witch.
Fergus and Marsali have a domestic argument where she criticises him for being a drunk. He then gets kicked out.
We learn that Malva is not Tom’s biological daughter.
Fergus begs for death from Jamie so that Marsali can marry someone who can protect her. Jamie takes matters into his own hand and tells Fergus of his importance with honesty and confidence.
In the ending scene, the redcoats come riding to Fraser’s Ridge. The Boston Tea Party has ignited the war.

Episode 4 – Hour of the Wolf

outlander season 6
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While visiting the Cherokee, Ian encounters a man from his past who dredges up painful memories of his time with the Mohawk. Jamie meets an Indian Agent who challenges his convictions, causing him to re-evaluate.

We learn that Ian had fallen in love with a Cherokee girl. His new friend, Kaheroton, is one of those who had come to trade. Ian had fallen for this girl but after two failed pregnancies, Ian blames himself for not fighting for his love harder.
Emily has given Kaheroton a son, to which Ian tries to fight his former friends. A scuffle ensues resulting in Kaheroton being kicked to the ground.
Sparing Ian the difficult choice of deciding who is to live and die, the other man cheats but his life is spared. Ian allows his love to be with her new husband.

Episode 5 – Give Me Liberty

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Claire and Jamie experience the rising tensions in the colonies first-hand when they attend a Loyalist event in Wilmington in honor of the Scottish heroine, Flora MacDonald.

We find Jamie and Clare in Wilmington, North Carolina anticipating an event celebrating Flora MacDonald.
Jamie meets Cornelius Harnett for a drink. He assures Cornelius’ concerns about Jamie’s friendships with the government by telling him he follows his heart, not politics.
Jamie is unamused that Fergus and Marsali are moving off the Ridge.
Flora’s speech is a rounding success. However, a mob gathers at a print shop ready to accost him for releasing a pamphlet that honors the Scottish heroine Flora. Jamie accuses his aunt for goading Fergus into printing propaganda.
We learn that Brianna is pregnant once again.

Episode 6 – The World Turned Upside Down

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A dysentery epidemic spreads on the Ridge, and Claire falls deathly ill. She is almost recovered when the Christies arrive and drop a bombshell. As nefarious rumors spread like wildfire on the Ridge, tragedy strikes.

Things are not good on the Ridge. Many of the McNeills have died of dysentery due to contaminated water. Clare falls ill but is nursed by Malva.
Tom shows up to the Fraser’s with news that his daughter is pregnant with Jamie’s child. However, Clare finds logic to assure herself that Malva is lying.

Episode 7 – Sticks and Stones

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Claire struggles with her demons as a nefarious rumor begins to spread on the Ridge. Tensions rise as the residents fear there is a dangerous person in their midst.

Malva is dead. The people of the ridge are convinced that Clare is a witch who killed Malva.
At the same time, Lizzie is pregnant and has no idea if it’s twin Kezzie or Josiah’s baby.
Roger expresses his wishes to be ordained as a minister.
After drawing straws, Lizzie and Kezzie are wed.
Despite Clare piecing her sleepful memories together enough to acquit herself of the murder, the group of angry men of the Safety Brigade have a warrant for Clare’s arrest.

Epsidoe 8 – I Am Not Alone

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Richard Brown and his Committee of Safety arrive to arrest Claire for murder. However, due to the rising political tensions in the colonies, Brown’s plan to find a judge for a trial does not go as expected.

With the Committee of Safety at their door, Claire and Jamie hold their own against the mob with the arsenal of weapons at their disposal.
Despite the handful of Scots that show up to travel with the pair, Jamie and Claire give themselves up. They are granted one last night in their home.
Thanks to a birthmark on Jemmy’s skull, Roger is assured that he is his son.
Clare and Jamie must head to Wilmington for their trial. Brown is slowly losing control of his men.
Clare and Jamie are separated. Out of the blue, the men guarding Jamie are struck down by Young Ian and the Cherokee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Outlander season 6 only 8 episodes?

Due to pandemic-related scheduling issues and Caitriona Balfe’s pregnancy, the crew decided to condense the season down.

Is there a season 7 of Outlander?

Yes, we are getting a 7th season of Outlander. In March 2021 Starz officially shared the good news. We also saw a photo from April 2022 from Outlander’s official social media accounts of some cast members on set in Scotland.  

Where can I watch Outlander season 6?

Watch Outlander Season 6 here!

What happens in season 6 finale of Outlander?

Clare refuses to give herself up following accusations of her being a witch and killing Malva. This resulted in a shootout between the Committee of Safety and Clare and Jamie. Eventually the couple decided to give themselves up and allow Clare the chance for a fair trial.

Have you watched the latest season of Outlander yet? Let us know!

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