42 Epic Green Haired Anime Characters

From the well-known realms of My Hero Academia, to the throwback of everyone’s childhood classic Sailor Moon, we’ll take you through our picks for the best green haired anime characters in history!

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Girl Green Haired Anime Characters

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One Punch Man

Tatsumaki is powerful and truly believes she is one of the strongest people on the planet (which she is). She’s a powerful telepath who is arrogant and disregards world-devastating events as something small.

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Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck


Otherwise known as Nel, she is a former Arrancar and one of Ichigo’s companions during a part of the series. She wields the Zanpakuto, Gamuza, making her very powerful.

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Tokyo Ghoul

Eto is one of the side characters in Tokyo Ghoul. Ero stays in a specific tree, and for the sake of spoilers we’ll leave it there! Her ghoul form retains her menacing look very well, making her a great character for this list!

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Jolyne Cujoh

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Jolyne is snappy and confrontational and knows how to survive in this dog-eat-dog world. She grew up in a maximum security prison and as a result is violent in battle. Her Stand, Stone Free, gave her the ability to move and unravel her body like a string.

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Mashiro Kuna


Now this is green hair! Mashiro was the former lieutenant of the 9th Division. This division was under Kensei. She has a really catchy personality and isn’t afraid to throw a tantrum or two!

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Sailor Pluto

Sailor Moon

We can’t leave this character form the iconic Sailor Moon out! Her first anime appearance was during the second major story arc. Sailot Pluto’s green hair/red eye combo makes her design rather unforgettable!

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Sailor Neptune

Sailor Moon S

Another beautiful green haired anime magical girl from the legendary Sailor Moon series! She is known for her keen eye for fashion and her beauty. As a Sailor Guardian, she harnesses sea-like elements.

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Tsuyu Asui

My Hero Academia

This fun character says exactly what’s on her mind. She doesn’t have any major complexes which are so prevalent in the series, nor any crazy or flashy abilities. Just our friendly and honest frog-girl!

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Lenalee Lee

D. Gray – Man

This character is an exorcist member of the Black Order. She is one of the first people who welcomed Allen Walker into their organisation. Lenalee has a fairly traumatic past, but still maintains a caring and kind demenour.

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Mononoke Hime

One of the most loved female characters in history, we present Princess Mononoke. She is extremely courageous and compassionate, not to mention being totally badass! We can all agree this legendary green haired character deserves more credit!

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Code Geass

C.C has an interesting place in the Code Geass world. She is usually fairly unbothered and only shows emotions to Lelouch from time to time. She’s been alive forever, so little surprises her. In later episodes she really shines and proves herself as a strong, interesting character.

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Kouno Sakura


This quiet green haired anime character is a supporting character in this fun rom-com series. She is the vice president and is consistently hardworking. As per the trope, she is insecure and a little shy.

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Eureka Seven

Eureka is basically AI in human form created by the Scub Coral. Her social skills leave much to be desired, but her piloting skills make up for it. After meeting and falling in love she starts to understand human empathy and tries to repent for the brutal things she has done in the past.

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Rina Touin

Mermaid Melody

Talk about nostalgia! Rina is a being who can transform between her mermaid and human states. She is an idol known as Green Pearl Voice (fitting for a green haired anime character), which she uses when she is in battle. A little standoffish, Rina soon warmed up to her new friends.

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Kaede Kayano

Assassination Classroom

This green haired anime character may seem cute, but her usual chipper self is only a fraction of her character. Kayano has a surprisingly dark underbelly of bloodlust that comes out in battle.

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Ibara Shiozaki

My Hero Academia

She is known as one of the strongest characters in the show. Ibara can control vines, making her unbeatable in forests. She acts as a saint and very pure, adding to her whole ‘mother-nature’ vibe.

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Darker Than Black

During the initial episodes, Amber had the ability of Chronal Manipulation and originally worked as a spy. Throughout the series, her storyline takes a sharp turn and she becomes immensely valuable.

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Bisca Mulan

Fairy Tail

Bisca is a supporting character in Fairy Tail and is one of the immigrants from the story. She is a kind woman with a lot of patience deep in her heart. Her magic type is similarly to that of Ezra, making the fans love her even more!

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Shion Sonozaki

Higurashi When They Cry

This unstable green haired anime character takes us on a very interesting journey, which we won’t get into too much as it’ll definitely spoil the plot. A shattered young woman and we can see with her how much work must be done to put someone so broken back together, if possible.

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Monster Musume

Once again, a character with an innocent facade. She plays the part of a naive child who does as she’s told, but she is actually very dangerous.

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Yotsugi Ononoki


Yotsugi Ononoki is a highly popular character from the hit anime series Monogatari. She is an artificial oddity created from the body of Yozuru Kagenui, and serves as a companion to the immortal vampire Kiss-shot Acerola-orion Heart-under-blade. Yotsugi has become one of the most recognizable characters in the anime genre due to her unique appearance, enigmatic personality, and her ability to help Kiss-shot on her journey.

Boy Green Haired Anime Characters

My Hero Academia Watch
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My Hero Academia

Despite being born Quirkless, Deku grew up with an inborn sense of justice and heroism, so much so that he was able to capture the attention of renowned superhero All Might, who gifted Deku his own powers.

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Gon Freecs

Hunter x Hunter

Gon is a little man with a big sense of adventure. This brave young boy dreams of becoming a Hunter so he can find his father and discover why he chose to be a Hunter over his own son. Little Gon’s inherent goodness and resourcefulness lead to both friends and foes joining his side.

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Spike Spiegel

Cowboy Bebop

This badass anime character’s charm has made him a staple of anime for decades now. His dualism for being laid back when off the job vs going at all jobs guns-blazing is a titular aspect of his personality which makes him so attractive to the audience.

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Zoro Roronoa

One Piece

Among the more serious members or the crew, Roronoa Zoro has a stoic demeanour and epically sick skills with the blade. His badass factor has been likened to Kenpachi Zaraki of the same series.

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Ribbons Almark


Ribbons is a genetically modified human who can’t age. He has inhumane speed and reflexes, and as a result, despite being weaker than humans, he can still hold his corner in a fight.

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The Devil is a Part-Timer

Stuck on planet Earth with his enemy, he finds himself powerless. Satan easily fits into the role of an average human, going so far as to find himself a job at a fast-food restaurant.

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The major antagonist in Pokemon Black/White, he believes humans are lowly creatures that only exist to harm Pokemon. He wishes to liberate Pokemon and originally was an extremist. Thankfully, N returns to the series as a side protagonist.

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Dragon Ball

Broly is one of the most powerful Saiyans in the galaxy. He successfully decimated the South Galaxy, leaving only a few planets safe. Broly is a fan favourite in the series and has numerous movies and appearances.

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Ukyo loves photography. Through the adaption we learn of his gentle side, and also of his dark … murderous side. These revolve around our heroine. But hey, repeatedly seeing your loved one die would take a toll on anyone.

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Shintaro Midorima

Kuroko no Basuke

Being one of the tallest characters in the show, he’s a formidable player. Midorima is very superstitious and he frequently checks his horoscopes.

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Kousuke Ueki

The Law of Ueki

Kousuke is the protagonist of the 2005 anime, The Law of Ueki. He is a celestial being who was sent to Earth in order to become the next celestial king. Despite his line to the throne, he is shown to be caring to his friends and is able to summon sacred weapons in the middle of battle.

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Akame ga Kill!

Using his Teigu to support his allies, gain mobility, and attack, he is extremely adept at what he does. This love-struck character is somewhat of comic relief in the show due to their perversions.

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Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV


Being a devil spawn, this baby has very… unique interests. Violence, weapons, death, and so on. He threatens to flood Japan, just standard kid things!

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Sakuya Watanuki


This character was born into a town of liars, which him a less-than-ideal bringing. He seems happy and laid-back, but deep inside he is a troubled and difficult character. Sakuya believes loyalty to be very important, as so few people take his side.

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Uzu Sanageyama

Kill la Kill

Uzu is part of the elite four and is really powerful. He uses his Tengantsu to predict his opponent’s movements and his Goku Uniform aids him by supplying multiple eyes. After a severe defeat, he sews his eyes shut in order to be stronger. Crazy, right?

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Freed Justine

Fairy Tail

Freed definitely has the powers worthy of an antagonist. Thankfully, Freed is a stickler for rules and would go against his own beliefs if it meant following his commander.

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Demon Slayer

Yushiro is one of the side characters in the world of Demon Slayer. He’s desperately in love and is considered a bit of a SIMP by fans. We can’t help but love how in love he is!

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Talk about interesting character design.

And along with that, he was also the reason for certain deaths. As much of a “supporting” character as he is, he has had a considerable amount of impact on the show.

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Yowamushi Pedal

Makishima is one of the leading characters and is the king of motivation. He is skilled, dedicated and extremely motivated. Although he may not care too much about some people, he still ends up helping them as he was a beginner once as well.

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Yona of the Dawn

Out of all the dragons, Jae-Ha may be the most interesting character. Initially, he was very reluctant and it took him a huuuge amount of time to warm up to work with Yona. He is bold, a bit of a player, but ultimately a very moral character.

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Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Envy is one of the lead villains in the FMA universe. He isn’t above using dirty tricks to achieve his goals. Probably one of the most ‘despised’ characters of all time. We say this because, well, you love to hate him!

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Izuku Midoriya

My Hero Academia

Izuku Midoriya is the main protagonist of My Hero Academia. He is known for his determination and courage. With an inspiring backstory and powerful ability, Izuku has become a fan favorite over the years. He is an inspiring protagonist who embarks on a journey of self-discovery and growth. With his determined spirit and unwavering sense of justice, Izuku captures hearts around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the green haired girl in anime?

Out of this list, we’d have to say the most famous green haired anime girl is probably San from Princess Mononoke.

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There’s few faces as recognisable as San – the perks of starring in a Studio Ghibli movie!

What does green hair mean in anime?

Typically, green hair anime characters are associated with nature and mother earth. As a result, they typically create a calm and reassuring atmosphere. But things are never really simple in anime, are they? If we look at our list we see some total maniacs on this list.

Who is the coolest anime character?

On this list? We’ve got to go with One Piece’s Zoro! You may remember him from our Badass Anime Characters list!

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