The Blood of Elves: The Witcher Saga Book 1

Geralt the Witcher battles monsters, demons and prejudices alike in The Blood of Elves, the first novel in Andrzej Sapkowski’s groundbreaking epic fantasy series that inspired the Netflix show and the hit video games.

Set in a medieval fantasy world, the story follows the adventures of Geralt of Rivia, a witcher – a mutant monster hunter – as he navigates a world filled with political intrigue, magic, and monsters.

If you’re like us and binged the Netflix show in one weekend and put countless hours into the game, then the only next step is to take a look at the epic novels that inspired not one, but two different media adaptations!

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The Blood of Elves – Official Description

blood of elves
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The Blood of Elves

Join Geralt of Rivia; his beloved ward and the child of prophecy, Ciri; and his ally and love, the powerful sorceress Yennefer as they battle monsters, demons, and prejudices alike in Blood of Elves, the first novel of The Witcher Saga.

Full Description

For over a century, humans, dwarves, gnomes, and elves have lived together in relative peace. But times have changed, the uneasy peace is over, and now the races are fighting once again. The only good elf, it seems, is a dead elf.

Geralt of Rivia, the cunning assassin known as The Witcher, has been waiting for the birth of a prophesied child. This child has the power to change the world – for good, or for evil.

As the threat of war hangs over the land and the child is hunted for her extraordinary powers, it will become Geralt’s responsibility to protect them all – and the Witcher never accepts defeat.

The Witcher returns in this sequel to The Last Wish, as the inhabitants of his world become embroiled in a state of total war.

Sapkowski’s sense of humour is exactly within my tastes too: cynical and quippy, as well as a little mean. Yennefer and Triss both have that sharp tongue that made me laugh out loud a few times.Ciri is just comical by nature.

Celise, Goodreads user

Our Overview

“The Blood of Elves” is the first novel in the “Witcher” series by Andrzej Sapkowski. It picks up where the short story collection “The Last Wish” leaves off. We follow the adventures of Geralt of Rivia, a witcher – a mutant monster hunter. The novel begins with Geralt recovering from his injuries. Soon he is drawn into a conflict between the kingdoms of Temeria, Cintra, and Nilfgaard.

Geralt is tasked with protecting Ciri, a young girl who is the last heir of the Elder Blood, an ancient and powerful source of magic. She is also the subject of a prophecy that states that she will bring about the end of the world. With the help of his companions, including the sorceress Triss Merigold and the bard Dandelion, Geralt sets out to keep Ciri safe.

As they travel, they encounter various monsters and enemies, including werewolves, dragons, and other witchers. Along the way, Geralt also learns more about Ciri’s past and her connection to the Elder Blood. They also encounter political intrigues, Geralt is torn between his loyalty to Cintra and his duty to protect Ciri.

As the war between the kingdoms intensifies, Geralt and his companions must navigate a web of lies and betrayals in order to keep Ciri safe and uncover the truth about her role in the prophecy. The novel ends with a dramatic confrontation that sets the stage for the rest of the series.

Throughout the novel, the themes of loyalty, sacrifice, and the price of power are explored. It is also a story of a father-daughter relationship. With its richly-detailed world-building, complex characters, and thrilling action, “The Blood of Elves” is a must-read for fans of fantasy literature.

The Blood of Elves

Our Review

“The Blood of Elves” is the first novel in the “Witcher” series by Andrzej Sapkowski and it is a fantastic start to this series. The story is set in a richly-detailed fantasy world, filled with political intrigue, magic, and monsters. The main character, Geralt of Rivia, is a witcher, a mutant monster hunter, and he is a fascinating and complex character. It’s too easy to see why a fully fledged game and show were able to be adapted from the novels without feeling repetitive.

The story is fast-paced and action-packed, with plenty of thrilling battles against monsters and political intrigue. Sapkowski is known for delivering the novels with a unique twist of Polish wit, and the sentiment isn’t lost even amongst the gritty battles and political strife.

The world-building is outstanding, with a wide range of unique and interesting creatures, magic systems, and political entities. We especially loved how the novel leaned more into the fantastical nature of high fantasy without falling into the trap of sounding too cheesy. The characters are well-developed and relatable, and their interactions and relationships are nuanced and engaging. The father-daughter relationships are complicated and are written with a lot of care and intrigue.

If you’re debating on picking up this (fairly lengthy) novel series, consider this your sign:


The Blood of Elves” is an excellent fantasy novel that is sure to please fans of the genre. It boasts what a lot of modern fantasy novels are lacking, and delivers the rest with wit and amazing detail.

Our rating: ★★★★★

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the plot of The Blood of Elves?

The Blood Of Elves follows the story of Ciri, a young girl who is the last heir of a recently wiped-out noble family, who becomes the ward of Geralt and Yennefer.

Who is the main character in the book?

Although we follow Geralt, we share a lot of time following the story of Ciri.

How many Witcher books are there?

There are a total of 9 books in the Witcher series, which include 3 short story collections, 5 main novels and a standalone novel.

  1. The Witcher (1990)
  2. Sword of Destiny (1992)
  3. The Last Wish (1993)
  4. Blood of Elves (1994)
  5. Time of Contempt (1995)
  6. Baptism of Fire (1996)
  7. The Tower of the Swallow (1997)
  8. The Lady of the Lake (1999)
  9. Season of Storms (2013)

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