A Queen of Myth and Monsters: Adrian X Isolde Book 2

Queen of Myth and Monsters the second installment of the Adrian X Isolde duology by Scarlett St Clair. An instant USA Today bestseller! From fan-favorite Scarlett St. Clair, the bestselling author of the Hades & Persephone series, comes a new fantasy filled with danger, darkness, and insatiable romance.

First published in 2021, Adrian x Isolde duology has become a beloved piece of Fantasy Fiction.

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About the Series

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Adrian X Isolde is a young adult fantasy series written by Scarlett St. Clair.

Their union is his revenge.

The series currently contains two books:
1. King of Battle and Blood
2. Queen of Myth and Monsters

If we hear of any additions to the current duology we’ll be sure to let you know!

Official Description

queen of myth and monsters
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Queen of Myth and Monsters

“I am of the House of Lara, daughter of Elvira of Nailani, sister of witches, and I have come to reclaim my crown.”

Isolde, newly coronated queen, has finally found a king worthy of her in the vampire Adrian. But their love for each other has cost Isolde her father and her homeland. With two opposing goddesses playing mortals and vampires against one another, Isolde is uncertain who her allies are in the vampire stronghold of Revekka.

Now, as politics in the Red Palace grow more underhanded, inexplicable monster attacks plague the villages, and a deadly crimson mist threatens all of Cordova, Isolde must trust in the bond she’s formed with Adrian, even as she learns troubling information about his complicated past.

The next book in the scorching, bingeable vampire fantasy series by USA Today and international bestselling author Scarlett St. Clair.

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Our Review

We were incredibly excited about getting our hands on this book, especially after falling in love with the first one. Our expectations were soaring, hoping for an equally remarkable sequel. While “Queen of Myth and Monsters” didn’t quite reach the heights we had anticipated, there were still plenty of aspects that left a positive impression.

Let’s start with the highlights. The romantic encounters between the characters were definitely enjoyable. Scarlett St. Clair certainly knows how to craft passionate scenes that leave an impact. While some may argue that they were occasionally relied upon excessively, I personally didn’t mind as St. Clair’s ability to write compelling intimate moments is undeniable. Moreover, one aspect which was really appealing was Isolde’s unwavering self-assurance. Her resolute understanding of her identity and purpose added a refreshing layer to her character. In a genre where powerful women often undergo personal growth to embrace their strengths, Isolde’s confidence from the start was a breath of fresh air. However, it’s worth noting that her quick temper, at times, led to undeserved outbursts directed at Adrian, which could be a bit frustrating for some.

While Isolde’s quest to liberate her mother’s homeland was undoubtedly significant, it sometimes overshadowed the exploration of her own magical abilities. I found myself yearning for more emphasis on her personal growth in that regard. Additionally, the introduction of Isolde’s newfound ability to transform into various creatures, while intriguing, felt somewhat unnecessary given the already rich supernatural elements present in the story.

While Queen of Myth and Monsters didn’t fully meet my heightened expectations, it was still a truly gripping read. The romance was undeniably well-crafted, and Isolde’s unwavering self-assurance continued to be a commendable character trait. Fans of the series will likely find enjoyment in exploring further depths of the story and its world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Queen of Myth and Monsters smutty?

There are some explicit scenes! Sex is used as a tool to signify how these two characters are growing together. Additionally, our protagonist is not afraid of sex. She will not be shamed for it either.

Is there a book after A Queen of Myth and Monsters?

As of right now, these books are but a pair! If anything changes we’ll be sure to let you know!

Do I need to read the previous book to enjoy A Queen of Myth and Monsters?

Whilst there’s a lot to enjoy independently in this novel, the previous book, King of Battle and Blood is necessary to read to fully enjoy this wonderful novel!

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