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For fans of epic fantasy, Sarah J. Maas has long been a name synonymous with gripping storytelling, intricate world-building, and unforgettable characters. With her wildly popular A Court of Thorns and Roses (ACOTAR) series, Maas has since enchanted readers with a captivating blend of romance, magic, and adventure. Now, she invites us into a brand new world with her ln the thrilling Crescent City series. Not heard of the series before? Check out our review of House of Earth and Blood! And keep your eyes peeled, the review for the next book will be coming soon.

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Everything You Need to Know about House of Sky and Breath by Sarah J. Maas!

House of Sky and Breath – Sarah J Maas

House of Sky and Breath
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Sarah J. Maas’s sexy, groundbreaking CRESCENT CITY series continues with the
second installment.

Bryce Quinlan and Hunt Athalar are trying to get back to normal-they may have saved Crescent City, but with so much upheaval in their lives lately, they mostly want a chance to relax. Slow down. Figure out what the future holds.

The Asteri have kept their word so far, leaving Bryce and Hunt alone. But with the rebels chipping away at the Asteri’s power, the threat the rulers pose is growing. As Bryce, Hunt, and their friends get pulled into the rebels’ plans, the choice becomes clear: stay silent while others are oppressed, or fight for what’s right. And they’ve never been very good at staying silent.

In this sexy, action-packed sequel to the #1 bestseller House of Earth and Blood, Sarah J. Maas weaves a captivating story of a world about to explode-and the people who will do anything to save it.

Our Overview

The plot revolves around Sofie’s quest to rescue her brother Emile, who was imprisoned after their parents were killed. Sofie, possessing rare thunderbird powers like her brother, seeks the aid of rebels who seek to harness their abilities. Joined by her partner Silver, Sofie infiltrates the camp where Emile is held, freeing captive children but ultimately getting captured herself after a confrontation with the dreadwolves led by The Hind.

Meanwhile, amidst political tensions and personal conflicts, Bryce and Hunt navigate their complicated relationship, complicated further by Bryce’s engagement to Prince Cormac. Bryce, supported by her friends, faces challenges from both supernatural and political fronts, including her betrothal and uncovering secrets about her lineage tied to the ongoing war.

As revelations unfold, including the involvement of powerful entities like the Asteri and their manipulation of the inhabitants of Midguard, Bryce and her allies then embark on a daring mission to uncover the truth and confront the oppressive forces threatening their world. This journey leads them to unexpected alliances, betrayals, and sacrifices.

Amidst the chaos, Bryce then discovers shocking truths about her own origins and the nature of the conflict consuming their world. With newfound knowledge and determination, she soon sets out on a perilous journey to Hel, urged furthermore by her companions to gather allies for the impending battle against the Asteri and their insidious plans.

We eagerly explore intricate relationships, personal growth, and epic confrontations against the backdrop of a world teetering on the brink of destruction. Alliances are tested and secrets revealed. So the characters must confront their destinies and make decisions that will shape the fate of Midguard.

Our Review

Sarah J. Maas’s House of Sky and Breath picks up the threads of its predecessor, House of Earth and Blood, seamlessly continuing the saga of Bryce Quinlan and Hunt Athalar. The dynamic duo faces new challenges and dilemmas while navigating the intricacies of their burgeoning relationship. The novel delves deeper into their emotional journey, showcasing their resolve to confront the aftermath of past traumas while grappling with newfound responsibilities.

We have got to talk about Bryce and Hunt’s relationship. Despite their shared resolve to abstain from physical intimacy until the Winter Solstice, their commitment is continuously tested amidst the drama surrounding them. Maas weaves humor into their interactions, highlighting the comedic yet endearing moments born from their self-imposed restraint. We can’t help but love these two.

As the political landscape shifts with the arrival of Celestina, tensions escalate, drawing Hunt’s past adversaries into the fray. The introduction of the rebel organization, Ophion, adds makes an already bad situation worse. Hunt’s reluctance to involve himself with Ophion due to past traumas sets the stage for a compelling narrative filled with action, intrigue, and unforeseen twists.

Maas masterfully maintains suspense throughout the novel, skillfully planting clues and foreshadowing events that culminate in a gripping climax. Readers will find themselves on the edge of their seats as they unravel the mysteries surrounding Agent Day’s identity and the fate of their beloved characters.

House of Sky and Breath not only expands upon the rich tapestry of the Crescent City universe but also introduces new characters who leave a lasting impression. From Ruhn and Ithan to the enigmatic Cormac and the formidable Queen Hypaxia, each character brings depth and dimension to the amazing story.

Overall, Sarah J. Maas delivers a show-stopping (as always) second installment that sets the stage for an epic continuation of the series. With its blend of action, romance, and intricate world-building, House of Sky and Breath is sure to leave readers eagerly anticipating the next chapter in Bryce and Hunt’s journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is House of Sky and Breath part of a series?

It is! There are 3 novels in the series:

  • House of Earth and Blood (2020)
  • House of Sky and Breath (2023)
  • House of Flame and Shadow (2024)

Not sure where to start? Want to know all the lore? Then why not check out her hit series, A Court of Thorns and Roses?

Is House of Sky and Breath connected to ACOTAR?

Those who have sharp eyes may have noticed that poor Bryce finds herself in the much missed ACOTAR kingdom of Prythian. A bit of a misdirect from her initial intended destination of Hel, oops! Well, let’s hope she gets back soon.

Is House of Sky and Breath spicy?

House of Sky and Breath by Sarah J. Maas is intended for an adult audience rather than young adult (YA) readers. While Maas is known for her young adult fantasy novels such as the Throne of Glass series and the A Court of Thorns and Roses series. House of Earth and Blood marked her transition into writing for an older demographic.

The novel contains scenes which may not be suitable for younger readers so please read with caution.

Are ACOTAR and Crescent City connected?

There are a ton of fun little easter eggs for fans of the ACOTAR series to find in the Crescent City series. So those who have read ACOTAR might have caught on that the Starsword blade in Crescent City was the same weapon that went missing in ACOTAR, known as Gwydion. Later the author, mastermind Sarah J. Maas herself, confirmed that the worlds are connected.

Whether you’re a longtime fan of Sarah J. Maas’s work or discovering her storytelling prowess for the first time, through this series, House of Sky and Breah is the next stop on a rollercoaster. So curl up and prepare for adventure!

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