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Welcome to ReignOfReads, where we’re not just nerds, but super nerds, professional nerds, ultra-cool nerds. Born in 2015 as a tiny hobby site, we’ve grown our nerd herd into a global community, with as many as 48 million fans getting their monthly fix of fantasy, sci-fi, and all things uber-geeky.

So, what’s our game? We’re the jack-of-all-trades in the fantasy and sci-fi world. We’re rolling with 18K authors, from indie wizards to literary rockstars on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists. We dive into sci-fi, fantasy, anime, and (because why the hell not?) adult coloring books.

Our mission? Easy. We’re the nexus of nerd culture, connecting fans to the sci-fi and fantasy they crave and probably haven’t discovered yet. We’re here to embrace our nerdiness and party hard doing it!

Hold onto your keyboards, because we’re launching a new fantasy adult coloring book series, “Enchanted Realms”. This seven-title beast promises a Technicolor trip and it’s now live on Amazon!

Our vibe? Casual, a touch professional (when it’s called for), but mostly, we’re about fun, laughs, and a healthy serving of the unexpected. At ReignOfReads, we’re all about the good times and great stories.

So, grab your snack, sit back, and let’s rock this nerd world together. Welcome to the party

Meet The Humans Who Do All The Things

Unstoppable Fantasy Manager

First up, meet Emma Edwards, our indomitable Fantasy Manager. Not only is she a mom, wife, and author, she’s also an unabashed lover of all things fantastical. Emma’s been with us since the beginning in 2015, her visionary ideas shaping the captivating experiences you’ve come to adore at ReignOfReads.

Mega Marketing Director

Then we have JD Brown, our accomplished Mega Marketing Director. JD isn’t just a director; she’s an award-winning and bestselling author too. She navigates the bustling maze of marketing, working with authors, brands, influencers, and more, helping to take ReignOfReads to new heights.

Word Wizard

Next, we’ve got Jasmine Edwards, the young Einstein of our team, juggling the sorcery of writing killer articles and balancing her university exams. It’s tough, but hey, who said being awesome was easy?

Super Staff Writer

Last, but certainly not least, we present Kelly O’Neill, another one of our extraordinary staff writers, and did we mention a self-proclaimed super nerd? Kelly lives and breathes all things nerdy, with a particular affection for Funko Pops and anime.

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