Wednesday Reading List 7/20

Demonspell, or, Curse of the Everlasting Relatives

Phoebe Matthews


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Demonspell, or Curse of the Everlasting Relatives.

Along with a big house and income, I inherited five immortal relatives. Try keeping a husband with that set of in-laws. Yes, I have tried. Twice. And failed. Now, just when I meet a great new guy, I get attacked by a trespasser, trip over a dead body, and run into a band of demons. Who knew? Not me. I always thought demons were fictional.

What’s more, they are insisting that my relatives and I leave Seattle immediately, alive or dead. Of course I could report a death threat to the Seattle police and how seriously do you think they would take it when I tell them the threat is from demons?

From the author of the award-winning fantasy Mudflat series, here is another series set in contemporary Seattle, across town. Matthews has been published by Avon, Dell, Holt, Putnam and Silhouette.




The Long Way Down

Craig Schaefer


Nobody knows the seedy underbelly of Las Vegas like Daniel Faust, a sorcerer for hire and ex-gangster who uses black magic and bullets to solve his clients’ problems. When an old man comes seeking vengeance for his murdered granddaughter, what looks like a simple job quickly spirals out of control.

Soon Daniel stands in the crossfire between a murderous porn director; a corrupt cop with a quick trigger finger; and his own former employer, a racket boss who isn’t entirely human. Then there’s Caitlin: brilliant, beautiful, and the lethal right hand of a demon prince.

A man named Faust should know what happens when you rub shoulders with demons. Still Daniel can’t resist being drawn to Caitlin’s flame as they race to unlock the secret of the Etruscan Box, a relic that people all over town are dying — and killing — to get their hands on. As the bodies drop and the double-crosses pile up, Daniel will need every shred of his wits, courage and sheer ruthlessness just to survive.

Daniel Faust knew he was standing with one foot over the brink of hell. He’s about to find out just how far he can fall.



Vampires Rule

Kasi Blake


Every year Jack Creed returns home for one night. Unhappy as a vampire and forever stuck at age 17, he dreams of a life without fangs. So when a freak event gives him back his mortality, he sees it as a second chance to be normal. But what’s normal about a werewolf English teacher, a girlfriend who is the werewolf hunter, and a brother that can’t decide if he should welcome Jack home or stake him through the heart to be on the safe side?


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Arianna Grace liked her boring, Midwestern, teenage life where she ignored the many unanswered questions of her childhood. Why were her parents dead? Why did she not have family? Where was she raised until she was five? When someone offers to explain it all, Arianna thinks she’s just getting answers. Instead, she is thrown into a world of night humans who drink blood.

On Arianna’s sixteenth birthday, her world is thrown upside down when she changes into a vampire. Night humans, or demons, as some call them, live in normal society. Learning all of the new rules of a world she didn’t know existed might be hard enough, but it’s further complicated by two former-friends that now want to help her take her role as the successor to her grandfather.

There is a war going on between the night humans. Sides have been taken and lines are not crossed. Four main clans of night humans are struggling for control of the night. Divided into two sides, clans Baku and Tengu have been at war for centuries with the clans Dearg-dul and Lycan. That is, until Arianna Grace finds out the truth; she’s the bridge of peace between the two sides. But not everyone wants peace. With the night humans divided, Arianna is now a pawn in the war between them. She must choose a side—her mother’s family or her father’s—and for once in her life, decide her own fate.


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