Wednesday Reading List 5/4

Occult Assassin: Dark Missions (Books 1-3)

William Massa


occult-revised3Reg. Price: 4.99

The forces of darkness have a new enemy!

Enter the terrifying world of former Special Ops soldier Mark Talon and occult expert/tech billionaire Simon Casca. Two men, united by tragedy, with one goal – to keep the world save from black magic occult threats. Their chilling missions will take them across the globe and pit them against apocalyptic cults, cursed relics and supernatural terrorists bent on world destruction.

The box set omnibus edition includes the first three books plus a bonus novella. Experience a series that readers are describing as a perfect mix of action-adventure and paranormal horror.

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Carmen Caine


Revenge. It’s all I’ve lived for. Revenge against those who stacked the cards against me from the start. But I’m changing the deck now. I’m getting even. Born to a vampire, I wasn’t supposed to survive—but I did.

My name is Cassidy. Cassidy Edwards. And I’m the first of my kind.

The Job
Trapping a sixteenth-century Scottish Highlander of a vampire who just might be seduction itself.

The Team
A firedrake with an attitude, a werewolf with a problem, and an imp in dire need of rehab.

The Boss
A dangerously powerful warlock as handsome as sin.

My Problem:
Bluffing my way into a job, my first mission into the Charmed world opens a Pandora’s box of betrayal and secrets … along with attractions of the most lethal kind.



Foxblood: A Brush with the Moon

Raquel Lyon


One moment is all it takes to change your life. For Sophie, it happened the day the fox attacked her.

All Sophie ever wanted was a way out. Only a few weeks ago, she was a quiet art student with an overbearing mother and no higher dream than starting university and reuniting with her BFF, but destiny intervenes in the form of a fox bite.
If being attacked by a rabid animal isn’t freaky enough, her new town has secrets. People are dying, and Sophie feels she is being watched. Then there’s the arrogant and annoyingly sexy Sebastian with his plummy accent and come-to-bed eyes creeping her out. She should stay well away, but then he does live in the spooky manor house, and curiosity is her middle name.


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Heart of the Dead

Gabriel Beyers



Jerusa Phoenix sees ghosts. But when she discovers an otherworldly young man hiding in the forest, she is convinced of two things. He isn’t a ghost, but neither is he human.

Despite being warned by her new friend to stay inside after dark, Jerusa ventures out, only to stumble upon a group of vampires. The enigmatic young man–who doesn’t seem to be a blood drinker, either–appears from nowhere to protect her, and a fierce battle rages. When the smoke clears, Jerusa finds herself now a vampire, the young man missing, and worst of all, one of the blood drinkers transformed into a rabid, savage flesh eater.

Now Jerusa must join forces with the group of misfit vampires, and use her ghostly talents to hunt down the savage before he grows too powerful to contain.

HEART OF THE DEAD is the first installment in Gabriel Beyers’ vampire and ghost paranormal thriller series PERPETUAL CREATURES. Over 125 5-Star Reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

This isn’t your mother’s vampire book. If you love nail-biting paranormal action, gripping supernatural adventure, and a unique twist on your favorite fiends, then HEART OF THE DEAD is the book for you.

Give in to your thirst today, and enter a world full of vampires, ghosts, and all things undead.


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