Thursday Reading List 9/15

The Early Scrolls: Fate of the True Vampires Book Two

Christine Church


The Early Scrolls: Compendium to Sands of Time (Fate of the True Vampires Book 2) by [Church, Christine]Reg. Price: 2.99

Deep in the nothingness of the Sahara desert, an innovative archaeologist finds a written picture text, the first ever known from the ancient world of Egypt. Linked to many other documents and scrolls found throughout Egypt and the world, this one is different and brings to light a primitive mystery; the arrival and ‘birth’ of the very first beings that would one day be called vampires.

Prequel to Sands of Time

In this prequel to the best selling, award winning novella, Sands of Time, a most unique and exciting find is discovered. Kesi of Giza, young and new, the hybrid blood drinker from Book One had documented her life as the child of the Pet Mer, gods from the sky, worshiped and protected by Pharaoh, offered their blood by humans. But all was not perfect, and Kesi documents her struggles, fears and trials for which future generations can learn.

She may be a child of a unique race, but her struggles growing into womanhood are easily related even today as she learns of her place in a strange world, what it is to be different, coming to terms with her ever maturing body, her first love, and her need to have children—learned by catching another hybrid in the process. But success is not as effortless as she hopes and her life is thrown into a sand storm of despair as she is put to trial for deaths not of her own making and forced into a loveless marriage of convenience as punishment.

More complex than Sands of Time, The Early Scrolls draws the reader deep into Kesi’s life, purpose and future motives. Get to know the Pet Mer and their role in history.


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A Mortal Indiscretion; Author’s Cut

Barbra E. Ross


A Mortal Indiscretion; Author's Cut: A Vampire Novel by [Ross, Barbra E.]Reg. Price: 2.99

A man. A vampire. A love story….Justin Bertolli lived as any 29 year old bachelor would live his life, until a chance encounter with a woman unlike any other. Ambra Taylor was everything he had ever envisioned the perfect woman to be. Young, charming and sensual. But there was something puzzling about Ambra. Justin had questions that he could not answer. Nothing could prepare Justin for what he was about to experience. And nothing could prepare him for a love like no other.


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After The Shock

Scott Nicholson



A massive solar storm erases the world’s technological infrastructure and kills billions. While the remaining humans are struggling to adapt and survive, they notice that some among them have…changed.

Rachel Wheeler finds herself alone in the city, where violent survivors known as “Zapheads” roam the streets, killing and destroying. Her only hope is to reach the mountains, where her grandfather, a legendary survivalist, established a compound in preparation for Doomsday.

Other survivors are fleeing the city, but Zapheads aren’t the only danger. Rogue bands of military soldiers want to impose their own order in the crumbling ruins of civilization. When Rachel discovers a 10-year-old boy, she vows to care for him even at the risk of her own life.

And the Zapheads are evolving, developing communal skills even as they lay waste to the society they will eventually replace.





Mary E. Twomey


After her parents and twin brother died a year ago, Lucy Kincaid was determined to put together a normal life for herself. With her heart set on college life, Lucy’s dreams of medical school are dashed when a rabid bear attacks her in the middle of suburbia. When Jens, a handsome yet irritable stranger, saves her life, Lucy’s gratitude is cut short when he abducts her, taking her to a land filled with people and creatures she remembers from bedtime stories she assumed were just Scandinavian folklore.
Jens takes Lucy to a world she never expected, and cannot escape. Undraland is teeming with oversized garden gnomes, warrior elves, Nøkken, Fossegrimens, and worst of all, Sirens. Lucy goes further and further down the rabbit hole until she signs up to join a band of thieves bent on taking down Pesta, the last Siren.


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