Thursday Reading List 12/8

Influence (Influence Series Book One)

David R. Bernstein


Influence (Influence Series Book 1) by [Bernstein, David R.]Reg. Price: 2.99

Controlling reality is dangerous. So is love.
This ability makes seventeen-year-old Kaylin a high-value target.

Thirty years after greed and corruption tore American society apart; relentless sector groups recruit powerful youths, often by force, to mold the populace to expand their reach.

Kaylin has been on the run, hiding her untapped abilities for six years, but rescuing a mysterious young man risks exposing the depths of her power. Life has never been easy, but fighting back is even harder. This harsh, new world will no longer allow her to remain hidden.





Jenetta Penner


Configured: (Book #1 in the Configured Trilogy) by [Penner, Jenetta]Reg. Price: 2.99

In the future, love will make you a traitor.

120 years after a virus decimated earth the survivors thrive in safety. Divided into three levels of intellect, Citizens focus solely on duty.

Due to her advanced intelligence, Avlyn Lark is separated from her twin at birth. She gains privilege. He dies.

But following a string of rebel intrusions, Avlyn receives a cryptic message. Then she begins seeing visions of her dead twin. The mysterious radical who urges Avlyn to join their fight becomes her link to answers. Freedom. Love.

If she says yes will she lose it all?







Exiled millennia ago, the dark gods have tirelessly sought to return and bend the world of Malweir to their will. Their agents roam the world in search of weak willed men, knowing that only through corruption and chaos can their masters return. It begins in the northern kingdom of Delranan the night King Badron’s castle is attacked and his only son murdered and his daughter kidnapped. Angered, he leads his kingdom to war against the neighboring Rogscroft.
A small band of heroes is assembled to find the princess and return her safely but all is not as it seems. Badron falls under the sway of the Dae’shan, immortal agents of the dark gods, and unwittingly begins the final campaign that will reduce Malweir to willing servants of evil.
The hour of the dark gods return is now at hand.







Casey is only fifteen years old when her stepfather tries to marry her to a perverted and brutal man twice her age. However, minutes before the wedding, Casey flees into the jungle where she is rescued from her pursuers by a mysterious woman who sets the terrified young girl on a path to becoming a pirate – a path full of adventure, danger, personal struggles, and self-discovery.

Struggling with her own fears and desires, Casey hovers between being an innocent teenage girl confused about love and her own sexuality, and becoming a ruthless pirate seeking revenge on those who have taken all she cherished away from her.

Casey strives to win the trust of the Twenty-One Butterflies, a group of female pirates living on Butterfly Islands, a mystic place filled with dazzling butterflies by day and swarms of moths carrying terrifying parasites by night. A disastrous trip by the Twenty-One Butterflies to a floating city in the sky known as God’s Mercy, changes everything. While trapped once more in the hands of her former husband-to-be, Casey discovers that there is a traitor in their midst. From that point on, it is a race to save her new friends’ lives and to escape from the man who wishes to make the young girl his wife and a slave to his twisted desires.



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