25 Naruto Funko Pop Exclusives For Collectors

We’re major Naruto fans here! And since it’s such a big series with so many amazing characters, you can’t help but just love them all. And with so many characters, that means there’s a lot of Naruto Pops around. Meaning that there are even 6 different versions of Naruto himself! Be sure to check out all of these action figures and collect all the Funko Pop Vinyl figures from the anime series now!

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About Naruto

The Naruto series is based on the manga written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto, featuring the protagonist Naruto Uzumaki.

The main plot of Naruto happens after their village is attacked by a nine-tailed demon fox, the leader of the village sacrifices himself and seals the beast inside of the newborn Naruto. Shunned because of the beast, Naruto struggles to find his place, he desires to become the Hokage of Konohagakure, the new leader of the village. An adventure that leads him not only to new friends but to dangerous enemies.

A sequel, Naruto Shippuden follows on from the original show and overall both series ran for a span of 15 years from 2002 to 2017 with a huge 720 episodes overall. The manga and the anime have both been widely praised, particularly for its character development, fight scenes and storylines.

Funko Pops – Naruto

Naruto Funko Pop: naruto
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Naruto Uzumaki is the host of Kurama the Nine-Tailed Fox and he has a cheerful and boisterous personality. And this super cute Funko Pop of Naruto from Naruto Shippuden captures this!

Naruto Funko Pop: sasuke
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Sasuke Uchiha is Naruto’s rival. He has a cold and withdrawn personality. So he sees people as tools to further his goals.

Naruto Funko Pop: kurama
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Kurama is a Nine-Tailed Fox and the most powerful of the Tailed Beasts. After attacking his village, Kurama is sealed inside of Naruto.

Naruto Funko Pop: kaguya
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Kaguya Otsutsuki

Unlike her kinsmen, Kaguya decided to subject the world to the Infinite Tsukuyomi to end all conflict after eating a fruit from the Divine Tree.

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Naturo (Rasengan)

The Rasengan is a spinning ball of chakra formed and held in the palm of the user’s hand, which is only known to a handful of shinobi.

Naruto Funko Pop: kakashi
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Kakashi Hatake is the easygoing, smart leader of team 7. So the team consists of Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno.

Naruto Funko Pop: sakura
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Sakura Haruno is infatuated with Sasuke and resents Naruto. Although Sasuke views her as “annoying” and Naruto has feelings for her.

Naruto Funko Pop: tobi
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Known under his alias Tobi, he is the true leader of the Akatsuki. So he is first introduced as a young ninja who sacrifices himself to save his friends from an adversary group of ninjas.

Naruto Funko Pop: itachi
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Itachi Uchiha is a former ninja of Konohagakure. He is initially portrayed as being solely responsible for the killing of his entire clan and family. But he spared only his brother, Sasuke Uchiha.

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Madara (reanimation)

Madara Uchiha is one of the co-founders of the Hidden Leaf Village along with Hashirama Senju. He is a cynical and vengeful man who holds grudges against the Senju Clan.

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Naruto Run!

Naruto is known for his iconic style of running. So, get this Funko Pop that really shows it off.

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Gaara is the youngest of the three Sand Siblings. However, before being born, Gaara was made into a weapon by his father by becoming the Jinchuriki of Shukaku the One-Tail.

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Orochimaru is a criminal who was previously affiliated with the Akatsuki. However, he was a former Hidden Leaf ninja. And he was Hiruzen’s student alongside his teammates Jiraiya and Tsunade.

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Tsunade is a former student of Hiruzen Sarutobi. Despite looking like she’s in her twenties, Tsunade is actually an older woman in her fifties. So she who uses a transformation technique to maintain her youthful appearance.

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Naruto (Sixth Path Sage)

The Six Paths Sage Mode is a divine transformation gifted by Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki to those who have an iron faith and the guts to never give up.

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Shikamaru Nara

Shikamaru is a member of Team 10 and can manipulate his shadow. So by extending it into another person’s shadow, he can force the target to mimic his movements.

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Nagato, primarily known under the alias of Pain, is the recognized leader of the Akatsuki and partner of Konan. There are six animated corpses collectively known as “The Six Paths of Pain“, all controlled by Nagato.

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Kakashi with Lightning Blade 

Kakashi Hatake’s Chidori is the Lightning Blade. And this super cool Pop Vinyl showcases that!

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Sasuke (Rinnegan)

Rinnegan is reputed as the most exalted eye amongst the “Three Great Dōjutsu”. It is said that the one who wields the Rinnegan is sent down from the heavens to become either a God of Creation or a God of Destruction.

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Naruto (Hokage)

Hokage is the Kage of Konohagakure, a title bestowed on the village’s leader. The Hokage is generally regarded as the strongest shinobi in the village.

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Asuma Sarutobi is the leader of Team 10 and son of the Third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi and uncle of Konohamaru Sarutobi. In battle, Asuma wields trench knives that he can infuse with his wind nature chakra.

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Naruto with Noodles

Who doesn’t love noodles? Naruto is especially known for his love of them!

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Minato Namikaze

Minato is Naruto Uzumaki’s father and Kushina’s husband. As well as this, their entire village respects Minato as a hero.

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Kabuto Yakushi

Kabuto is a spy who works as Orochimaru’s right hand, though he acts on his own whims. So he was recruited by the Foundation as their spy to infiltrate numerous countries and organizations.

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Kakashi Raikiri

This Kakashi Funko Pop glows in the dark! It depicts Kakashi using his Raikiri (lightning blade) move.

Which of these Naruto Funko Pops did you love the most? Let us know!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the rarest Funko Pop you can get?

The rarest Naruto Funko Pop is number 97 and it’s of Kurama. But this Kurama is a Gamestop exclusive and even glows in the dark.

How many Naruto funko Pops are there in the world?

There are a total of 32 Naruto Funko Pops out there to collect. There are even six different variations of Naruto himself to check out as well!

When did the first Naruto Funko Pop come out?

The first Funko Pop in the collection wasn’t even of Naruto himself. It was of Sasuke Uchida and was released in November 2015.

25 Naruto Funko Pop Exclusives For Collectors
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