Paranormal Romance Authors: Grow Your Newsletter Fast

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Join Up To 30 Other Top Mystery and Suspense Authors, Engage With Thousands Of Hungry Readers And Grow Your Subscriber Based To Help YOU Sell More Books!

What You Get And Why You Want To Join Us:

We reach up to 22,000 readers each week and have already distributed over 1.5 million subscribers for authors. If you want to reach & engage with thousands of hungry thriller fans AND build your newsletter while doing it then you're in the right place. 

Each month Reign of Reads will launch a 30 author social giveaway to help grow your most vital marketing asset: Your newsletter

Each of these giveaways encorporates either a FaceBook takeover OR a FaceBook live video to the fans of our page!

Why Do These Work So Well? 

Becasue unlike other giveaways we help introduce you to your new fans durig the promotion! They can get to know you & your books and be excited to join!

And the best part? We also promote it to over 22K fans and subscribers!

Everyone Promotes!

Minimum Subscriber Based Of 500 Required

Takeover OR Live Video!

You Have Options On How To Engage Fans!

No Special Equipment Needed!

If You Have A Computer You Can Succeed!

How This Works (Super Simple For You)

You’ll want to read below for all the nity-gritty details, but all in all how this works is very basic.  

  • You are a mystery or suspense author with an existing active subscriber based of at least 500 readers. You want more and you click the link below to join  
  • You hop through the link and fill out the form right after
  • Once we have your intake form you'll see a link to the private FaceBook group to help with promotion, see what other authors have done and get tons of tips & tricks for getting the most out of your live time & giveaway!
  • Once inside the FB group you may select your live day and if you want to do live video or a takeover. 
  • All authors along with us promote on our given days and everyone gets a copy of the hot, super excited list of readers!  
  • We will take care of the primary prize/giftcard logistics for the winners so you don’t have to! All you have to do is jump on live and then email the free book you promised to your new subscribers when we send them to you! 

Here’s The Lowdown (Read Through The TOS And Click The Link Below To Join) 

  • Cost to enter the RoR Myster/Suspense social group giveaway is $57
  • Giveaways will run 30 days each month
  • Authors may only participate 4x per year (every 3 months) to avoid over saturation. 
  • Spots are first come first serve and you will be added to the 1st open giveaway after you join. If you have special circumstances around this please email support after you join. 
  • You main join a giveaway currently running if spots are open. If you have questions about this you can email.
  • You MUST have a minimum of 500 email subscribers on your mailing list to participate in a group giveaway with RoR
  • We DO NOT promote books in this giveaway. We promote the giveaway in the giveaway to build the subscribers. YOU then can promote your book to the subscribers after we send you your copy.
  • You do not need special equipment for live video or a takeover. You only need a computer or a smartphone. We will give you page access before you go live. 
  • During your live session/takeover you will giveaway prizes of your choice to fans who engage. You are responsible or sending out these prizes. They do not need to be physical or expensive. They can be small and fun if you like. The purpose of this is to encourge engagement and help you reach more readers. 
  • If you have more than one pen name, you MUST fill out the form for each pen name, pay the fee for each pen name, and follow the rules for each pen name
  • You will be required to promote this giveaway through your own newsletter/s* (by the date that you will be provided in your confirmation email), blog, FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc.****Which means, ALL of your newsletter/s that you use for the pen name entered in this giveaway.
  • We will send out graphics and a link for the giveaway inside the private FaceBook group and via email if needed 
  • There will be a double opt-in to keep duplicates from occurring and/or rogue emails from being added to the list. We will also validate only confirmed emails before sending them. Unconfirmed emails will be deleted and not sent out
  • If you want to have the emails validated again, you will need to do this on your own. A decent service (and affordable) is:
  • Entries will not occur on your newsletter as the giveaway is running. We will be sending out one spreadsheet (CSV) with all of the entries at the end of the giveaway and you will import them into your newsletter.
  • By agreeing to participate in this giveaway, you acknowledge that the new subscribers to your mailing list will more than likely cause your own cost to increase with your own newsletter service–and you are entirely responsible for that. Mailerlite and/or Mad Mimi are less expensive options versus Mailchimp.
  • Readers will be opting into all author newsletters when they sign up for the giveaway. No individual sign-up options.
  • If an author acts unbecoming during the time of the giveaway, we have the right to remove that author from the giveaway, with no refund or reason given. You take responsibility of what you do with the subscriber list given.  


"Well, I have to say thanks again because now I am the Queen of FB Live, ROFL, and just announced my new series that way. I LOVE that the views keep racking up!"

New York Times Bestselling Author Alyssa Day

"I think the live takeovers are going so well, you guys may have discovered a new service you could offer. Tristan and I would pay to go live on each time we released a new book."

Author Cheri Schmidt