Monday Reading List 12/5

Red Team Alpha

Jay Allan


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Red Team Alpha. An elite military unit. Twenty highly-trained veteran warriors, Mars’ best. They are ready to face whatever dangers threaten the Confederation. They are capable, armed with the best technology Mars has to offer. And they don’t exist, at least not officially.

Now the team will be called upon to face its greatest test. On a planet in a newly-discovered system there is a mysterious wreck, the remains of an ancient ship. The discovery is a momentous one, first contact and proof that mankind is not alone.

It is a job for the Team, but even these crack soldiers will be tested to the limit of their abilities as they uncover the dark horror within, a technological nightmare that threatens the very future of humanity. The soldiers of Alpha will fight, ignoring the odds as usual, but this time they will be caught between two enemies.

For they are not the only ones who know about the wreck. Even now, the forces of Gavin Stark and his Alliance Intelligence forces are on the move, seeking to seize the ancient vessel and the priceless technology within. And they are ready to do whatever is necessary to gain the priceless ship…including wiping out Red Team Alpha completely.




The Cursed Princess (Book 1 of the Eumetadotos Series)

Chrissy White


The Cursed Princess: Book 1 of the Eumetadotos Series by [White, Chrissy]When Arianna is taken ill at the age of 9, only Ellavorn can heal her. In that moment, their lives are changed forever as the seeds of love have been planted.

9 years later, Arianna is faced with the task of choosing a husband. Once she has rejected numerous suitors, Ellavorn proposes. On a trip, her parents are attacked and murdered. Ellavorn tried to save her mother, but it was too late. After the untimely death of her parents, Arianna breaks off her engagement out of grief, and is intent on ruling her kingdom alone. Little does she know of the challenges that she faces, and the hidden family secrets.

Helping her along the way is her friend and handmaiden, Abigail, the Captain of the Royal Guard, Joshua, who may turn out to be more than just a friend, Thomas, a boy who works in the kitchens, and several different Elves. Can they save the kingdom of Eumetadotos, or will Arianna’s kingdom fall?


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Fluorescence: Fire Starter

P. Anastasia


Fluorescence: Fire Starter by [Anastasia, P.]Now and Amazon bestselling series! A riveting, young adult paranormal romance, Fluorescence is engaging and unabashed—a coming-of-age urban fantasy unlike any other. Alice was a normal teenager until a dying race of aliens chose her and a handful of others to preserve bio-luminescent DNA known as Fluorescence. Now she and the others must hide their condition from the rest of the world, while trying to learn the truth behind the living light. It’s unpredictable and could flare up anytime, exposing her secret.

Each full-length novel in the series is narrated by a different character, driving the story forward in a new and exciting way. It evolves from a quiet beginning into a gripping saga exploring the real-life limitations encountered while harboring a volatile secret.




Frozen Prospects

Dean Murray


Frozen Prospects: A YA Epic Fantasy Novel (Volume 1 of the Guadel Chronicles Books) by [Murray, Dean]The invitation to join the secretive Guadel should have been the fulfillment of dreams Va’del didn’t even realize he had. When his sponsors are killed in an ambush a short time later, he instead finds his probationary status revoked, and becomes a pawn between various factions inside the Guadel ruling body.

Jain’s never known any life but that of a Guadel in training. She’d thought herself reconciled to the idea of a loveless marriage for the good of her people, but meeting Va’del changes everything. Their growing attraction flies against hundreds of years of precedent, but as wide-spread attacks threaten their world, the Guadel have no choice but to use even Jain and Va’del in their fight for survival.



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