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Award-Winning, Bestselling author S.L. Morgan is celebrating her series Ancient Guardians by giving away some fabulous prizes to FIFTEEN (15) lucky winners!

  • ONE (1) winner gets a signed paperback copy of the Ancient Guardians Series (Books 1-4, with Award Seals)
  • TWO (2) winners each get a signed paperback copy of Ancient Guardians: The Legacy of the Key (Book 1, with Award Seals)
  • TEN (10) winners each get an eBook copy of the Ancient Guardians Series (Books 1-3)
  • ONE (1) winner gets a $15.00 Amazon Gift Card
  • ONE (1) winner gets a $10.00 Amazon Gift Card

And EVERYBODY Who Enters Will Get:

  • A Free Digital Copy of Ancient Guardians: The Legacy of the Key via S.L. Morgan’s Newsletter
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About Ancient Guardians: The Legacy of the Key:

Men in Black meets Avatar! This promising and captivating world you will be brought into will keep you turning pages and never leave.
Reece Bryant is an average college student on Earth, or so she thought.

After setting out to finish settling the last of her father’s estate, she is not only faced with the grief of the horrific loss of her father again, but bizarre paranormal events that eventually lead her into a thrilling, yet terrifying situation.

After being rescued by a enigmatic man who mysteriously battled and defeated two men trying to attack her, Reece is left with nothing but to trust this man for her protection.

Overwhelmed when she is transported into a majestic and mesmerizing dimension, Reece will soon learn the truth of who she is and why she was brought into this fascinating new world.

After accepting that these men, Levi and Harrison had only served to protect her, Reece must now accept that her life will be changed forever. Will She ever return to Earth and the normal life she once had?

Once a strange attraction begins to form between her and her personal guardian, Levi, who is also the Emperor’s son, everyone’s life is forced into danger.

Jealousy, betrayal and hatred will lead Reece and the Guardians into the greatest danger they believe they could ever face.

Follow Reece as she accepts the impossible conspiracies are true, and you just might be left wondering for yourself is there really life out there and if so, are there beings that serve to protect humans on Earth from the dangerous beings who serve to harm and terrorize humans.

Is this the book for you?
If you enjoy getting lost in mystical worlds, classic romance and speculate if life truly does exist outside of Earth, this is the book for you. Do not pass this by as readers are now constantly finding themselves lost in a fascinating dimension with characters that have wit and charm. With the descriptive writing, you will find yourself entrapped in a mesmerizing new world that you just may never want to leave.


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