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Love sci fi, dystopian, fantasy and paranormal novels? Well then you’re going to LOVE these featured giveaways! Check them all out because in just about every instance you will get free books just for joining! Discover new and bestselling authors and get your shot at winning THOUSANDS in gift cards, prizes and swag! Always fun and always 100% FREE!

About Reign Of Reads Giveaways: Always free and always fantastic, we partner with the best Sci Fi/Paranormal/Fantasy & Dystopian authors in the world to help introduce you to the best new stories! Enter as many as you like and read as much as you want! Win as often as you can! Be sure to read the giveaway page for details and have a TON of fun with your new reads!

The RoR Team

40 observations on “Check Out Our Hot New Giveaways!
  1. Karla Brannon

    Love Love Love fantasy and science fiction books. Would love to read what you are giving away. Really looking forward to hearing from you. 😀

  2. Arial Burnz

    For those of you asking how to sign up for the giveaways, just click on the giveaway banner and you’ll be taken to the actual giveaway itself. From there, you enter your email address to enter the contest. When you do that, you’ll not only be entered into the contest, but you’ll be joining the Reign of Reads newsletter, which sends you FREE and discounted books right to your inbox AND you’ll be getting the newsletter for the author, too! Each author newsletter is different, but many of the authors are giving away book-related goodies and you’ll get sneak peaks to great books. It’s a wonderful way to discover new authors!!


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